Dealing With The Spirit of Divorce


I am home after a great visit with my children and grandchildren in Nevada. Yesterday I was blessed to minister in our home church in Bellingham. It is good to be part of a church family filled with people that love God, because they know that God loves them. Family is God’s way and family is the way of life in all things.

I have been addressing the topic of marriage, divorce, and some of the messy complications that come into our lives for whatever reason they may come. God has a perfect plan for marriage and family, but people seldom follow God’s perfect plan. Life is filled with human errors, but it is also filled with God’s never-ending love. There are reasons for divorce in a marriage, but in Christ there is no reason for the spirit of divorce to overcome us in life. If a person has committed adultery and they are divorced by their husband or their wife because of the adultery, the person who divorced the adulterous partner has to become a free single individual. That person has to find God’s grace to be a whole person that moves forward in life. They have to find God’s grace to move forward in life as a life giver to the world around them. The honest perspective has to be; My partner committed adultery, but maybe I contributed to that desire, that weakness, and that temptation in some way. It is not my job to judge my partner. It is my responsibility to become a healed, healthy, and whole individual. I did not commit adultery. I am free to marry again, but I need to be a healthy whole individual for that to happen. I break any soul ties. I give back to my former partner anything they gave to me. I give them back anything of the spirit, soul, or physical form that they have given me. I take back what I gave to them so that I can be whole and restored. I call back any substance that I gave of the spirit, soul, or flesh. I release them. I set them free, and now I am free and I choose to move forward. I can go forward to be single or to be married, whatever the future may hold.

Now let’s say there is a person who was divorced because they committed adultery. They were supposed to be one flesh with their partner made of two, but they added a third individual to the relationship. They became joined to another person – spirit, soul, and body. It was no longer two made as one, but a complicated situation. Their husband or wife divorced them. Now, they have been divorced because they committed adultery. The word says if they get remarried, they commit adultery. Under the law that is what is true. Why would they commit adultery? Because they have entered into relationships that were more than just a relationship with their partner. It is not just a physical reality. It is of the spirit, soul, and body. They have a spirit of divorce. If they get remarried, that spirit of divorce is going to come into the marriage. It will bring defilement. It will destroy the relationship. It will become more than complicated; it will become destructive. It is not just evil, wicked, or bad. It is not simply unclean, because it is dirty or shameful in some way. It is destructive. It is going to destroy relationship in their lives. That individual cannot get remarried, because they have a spirt of adultery – a spirit of divorce. There is good news in the New Covenant. God’s mercy is new every day and it can be received in God’s throne of grace. Mercy can be received and then grace can be found. That individual needs to become free. Their only hope is Christ in them to heal them of the spirit of divorce. They need God’s grace to redeem, to restore, to make them new again. They have to get free from the spirit of divorce.

God, I am sorry. God, I made a huge mistake. I was looking for love in the wrong place. I understand why my partner divorced me. I release them, they are free to be them, but I also need to be free. I renounce the spirit of divorce in my life. I break any soul ties with those that I joined to in a spirit of adultery. This relationship that I embraced was not my marriage, I renounce it. I break soul ties. Anything that was given to me from this relationship – anything spirit, soul or body I send it back to that person.  Anything that I gave I call it back to me. Renew my heart God. Make me new again. Not so I can get married, but so I can be a whole person before You.

In this, this person finds healing. They find deliverance. They become new.  What are they in life now? Are they a divorce person? No, they are a single person now. They experienced a divorce. It was their fault, but they are not a divorced person anymore. They have been redeemed; they have been made whole. God has healed them. They can get married again, if that is the will of God. We are not under a law where people cannot be changed. We are in an intimate relationship with God where we have the power of God’s grace that can make things new. It is a place of new created freedom! it is not bondage! Divorce was never intended to bring bondage. It abolishes a relationship so something new can be birthed. That new thing is whole single individual that can then remain as a whole single person or enter into a covenant of marriage where two flesh can become one new person.

What about those who ended a marriage by committing adultery, were divorced, and then remarried without the process that I have described? If you are reading this today, you need to deal in honesty to the foundation upon which your relationship has been established. You and your now spouse need to go before God and do some honest business before Him. Together you need to confess the flaw in the foundation of your marriage, and you need to ask for God’s healing. You need to ask for God’s mercy and find God’s grace for your now marriage to be free from any spirit of adultery and divorce. God can make things new, but it is a matter of doing business with God in vulnerable truth. We make mistakes, but God makes things new.


Ted J. Hanson

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