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Ted J. Hanson is the author of several Christian books intended to equip and raise up strong believers in Christ. He leads a training school known as Christ Life Training ( and ministers globally through House of Bread Ministry ( Ted travels to various places throughout the U.S. as well as other countries. He is a dynamic preacher/teacher who has a heart to share, uncompromisingly, the Word of God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He holds a bachelor of theology and masters of biblical studies through Christian International Ministries Network and is ordained through Abundant Life Ministries and House of Bread Ministry. He has served to plant and establish many ministries.

The Honor of Pruning

Greetings, It was great to be home with my Alife family in Bellingham. Quite a few people are battling that bug that comes around in the school season and weather transition time of the year, but there were a few … Continue reading

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Living To Honor God

Blog In Audio: Greetings; Wow! I had a very productive and fruitful time in Portugal this past week. Another training course, The Redeemed Earth – Healing the Curse of the Fall (A Terra Redimida – Cura da Maldição da Queda), … Continue reading

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A Giving God – A Giving People

Blog In Audio: Greetings; Today I am back in Lisbon, Portugal. I had a great week in Mijas, Spain with the G42 students. They were all very eager to experience God and for Him to use them in delivering life-giving … Continue reading

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Things To Do For Sanctification

Blog In Audio: Greetings, Today I am in Mijas, Spain teaching at the G42 Leadership Academy. This is a week of prophetic training. I just finished a great weekend in Lisbon, Portugal. God is doing fresh things in Portugal. I … Continue reading

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Seven Sprinklings, Seven Washings

Blog In Audio: Greetings; We had great day yesterday at Alife. My son Jonathan and I were blessed to minister together. There was an atmosphere of life, change, family, and home. God is up to something good. It is great … Continue reading

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A Sanctified Body

Blog In Audio: Greetings I am continuing to enjoy my time at home in Bellingham. Yesterday I was blessed to minister at Everyone’s Church, in Mount Vernon, Washington. This is a church relationally connected to me and House of Bread … Continue reading

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Sanctified In This Life

Blog In Audio: Greetings, I am enjoying my time in Bellingham. We had a fantastic workday at the church on Saturday and got a lot of work done, as well as some great bonding time as community members. Yesterday we … Continue reading

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The Pure Water

Blog In Audio: Greetings; Well, I am back in Bellingham after five days in the woods hunting. No elk yet! I guess the blessed season will come in December. It’s not over yet! We had a great service at Alife … Continue reading

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The Ashes of the Red Heifer

Blog In Audio The Ashes of The Red Heifer Greetings, I am presently on my third day of elk hunting. The operative word is ‘hunting’, since I have not yet been successful. Plenty of evidence and even sightings, just not … Continue reading

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God Empowers Love

Blog In Audio: Greetings, Today I am again enjoying being home for a bit. We had a great time in church yesterday. Pastor Jonathan gave a great word on embracing what we are anointed to be. His word to us … Continue reading

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