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Honor Your Neighbor’s Possessions

Greetings, I have just finished a wonderfully fruitful week in Angola. The people are hungry and it is time for another level of God’s grace to work among His people here. I spend my time hear teaching on Hearing God’s … Continue reading

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Relationships Are About Giving

Greetings, Last week I was in Spain where we had a fantastic gathering of pastors and leaders for our RIM connection. God showed up in a BIG way and we were all very blessed. There were 30 adults and some … Continue reading

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Honor For Relationship

Greetings, Today I have arrived in Spain after a great week in Portugal. Bonnie is with me and we enjoyed good friends in Portugal. Now we are with several pastors and leaders for a few days of RIM gathering before … Continue reading

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An Honor For Human Life

Greetings, Today I am headed for Portugal after a great week at home with my family and friends. It was a great weekend with the joining of Jonathan and Alyssa Smith in marriage and then a great Sunday hearing my … Continue reading

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Honor for the Family Name

Greetings; I hope you are all well. I have to say that I am very fine. I had an appointment in the forest yesterday and my heavenly Father blessed me with a beast! I reaped a nice 5×5 elk bull … Continue reading

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