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Honor – Hidden In Creation

Blog In Audio: Greetings, I am heading home today after a great weekend in Wichita, Kansas with Pastors Derick and Talita Stoltz and the church of Christ Life Ministries. They put on a Christmas play on Saturday night. They did … Continue reading

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The Honor of Pruning

Greetings, It was great to be home with my Alife family in Bellingham. Quite a few people are battling that bug that comes around in the school season and weather transition time of the year, but there were a few … Continue reading

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Honor What is Given

Greetings; Today I am in Bulgaria. I have had a fantastic weekend with people who are hungry and willing to embrace all that God wants to give. It is great to see what God is doing in His family around … Continue reading

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Reputations and Community

Greetings, Today I am in Spain after a great weekend in Utrecht, Netherlands. We did healing activation and ministry over the weekend and saw Holy Spirit touch many people with the love of God and His supernatural touch. Thank you … Continue reading

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Honor Another’s Reputation

Greetings, It was good to be home in Washington this weekend. Pastor Jonathan was away, so I was blessed to speak at Alife. God has blessed me with wonderful connections around the world, but my church community at home is … Continue reading

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Honor Your Neighbor’s Possessions

Greetings, I have just finished a wonderfully fruitful week in Angola. The people are hungry and it is time for another level of God’s grace to work among His people here. I spend my time hear teaching on Hearing God’s … Continue reading

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Relationships Are About Giving

Greetings, Last week I was in Spain where we had a fantastic gathering of pastors and leaders for our RIM connection. God showed up in a BIG way and we were all very blessed. There were 30 adults and some … Continue reading

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Honor For Relationship

Greetings, Today I have arrived in Spain after a great week in Portugal. Bonnie is with me and we enjoyed good friends in Portugal. Now we are with several pastors and leaders for a few days of RIM gathering before … Continue reading

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An Honor For Human Life

Greetings, Today I am headed for Portugal after a great week at home with my family and friends. It was a great weekend with the joining of Jonathan and Alyssa Smith in marriage and then a great Sunday hearing my … Continue reading

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Honor for the Family Name

Greetings; I hope you are all well. I have to say that I am very fine. I had an appointment in the forest yesterday and my heavenly Father blessed me with a beast! I reaped a nice 5×5 elk bull … Continue reading

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