Two Different, Yet One


What a great day yesterday at Alife with the word and ministry of Gary Black. I am very encouraged with the coming season of the hearts of fathers turned towards children and children towards the fathers. This is a season of a multigenerational family of life! Are you ready?

I have been addressing God’s means of filling the earth with His glory. God’s way is one of family. In the beginning, God chose a man and a woman to be the one-flesh unity that produces a multigenerational family of destiny. The mandate to be fruitful, multiply, fill, subdue, and have dominion is a mandate of family. God’s dream and vision is the fruit that comes from the unity of a man and woman that give life to one another to become the testimony of the fruit of life in all tings. God’s vision is the two as one, of which He even removes one from the other to present the need for the two being one by the power of choice, love, intimacy, trust, and every aspect of partnership. Genesis chapter two describes man with woman inside of him. When God formed man from the dust of the earth and breathed into him His breath of life, the mystery of Eve was within him. God was resting in the life of a man with the substance that was to be woman inside of him. Man began to fulfill purpose. He had an inherent understanding of destiny. It was Adam who named the animals. But to be mankind, Adam needed something more. He needed a help-mate. He needed a partnership with someone different than himself, yet an equally gifted and valuable partner. Eve was to be comparable, not competitive. Different but the same. So, God put Adam to sleep and removed a rib and formed the woman. Man and woman were to become one flesh. God said, for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they would become one flesh. What was one and another one, was to come together and become one flesh made of the two. The woman is not swallowed up by the man nor is the man swallowed up by the woman. But two opposites become a whole. I don’t care what that looks like scientifically. God simply told Moses to write it the way it is written for the sake of understanding covenant, love, purpose, and life. It may be exactly as it is explained, but to me the more important thing is the principle of it is absolutely true. For anyone who wants to make a judgment of me for this, I didn’t say it isn’t how it happened. I am simply saying that is not the point. How it happened is not as important as discovering the mystery in how it is described. I am not smart enough to know all the details. It is not the point. The point is a man and a woman become one as two and this is the resource to greater identity, testimony, and the purpose of God in all things. In a family, many members become one family for the greater identity, testimony, and purpose of God through inheritance of the family name. The family name is greater than any individual name within the family, though each and every member is a one and only and priceless in their value as a family member.

In the New Testament Paul describes marriage in Ephesians 5:22-33. Paul says it is really about Christ and the church. He writes that the church is one with Jesus and the church is bone of His bones and flesh of His flesh. Jesus sees her, the body of Christ, as part of Himself. She sees Him as the head of the body and understands that she is one with Him. But this is also a perfect testimony that we find in marriage. This testimony is not meant to be a law that kills anyone. It is meant to be a testimony that shows us the basic unit of family and life. It is not meant to be a testimony that condemns those who have not yet discovered the mystery. It’s meant to be a shining light in the darkness that invites those in darkness to find the light. It is meant to be a beacon of hope to those bound to the hopeless cycles of self-identifying, self-seeking, self-sufficient, and self-gratifying destinies. Marriage as God designed it is the resource to true life. I believe that Jesus came as a man to restore the basic unity of life. He came to restore Adam and Eve, the likeness and the image of God the Father in human form. The foundation of family is a male and a female together revealing who the Father is. They reveal who God is in His character, nature, way, power, and authority. The result is a natural and supernatural fruit of multigenerational life. It is not a covenant of needs being met, but of destiny being fulfilled. In this the needs of each are wonderfully met in natural and supernatural ways. Who is God? He is life! He gives life, breath, and all things. He is a giver and an expander of life. God intends for the substance of family to be able to produce life – spirit, soul, and body.

If we read the verses in Ephesians chapter 5 it starts as instructions to wives. They are to submit to their husbands as unto the Lord. Not women to men, but a wife to her husband. She is to submit just as the church submits to Christ. She is to submit to her husband in everything. It doesn’t say women to submit to men. It is a wife to her husband just as the church is to Christ. It is testimony to covenant partnership in everything. It is a testimony to the power of relationships that live for the greater purpose of the whole and the fruit of destiny. To submit is to give your live to be joined to one who also gives life. It is to open yourself up to be a receiver of the force of love that causes love to expand to the world in a generational destiny. It is to be relationally joined in order to receive the life that is being given and to reciprocate with the testimony of that life. The text in Ephesians chapter 5 also reveals that the husband is to love his wife as Jesus loves and gave His whole life on the cross for the sake of His help-mate in the earth. He is to wash her with life-giving words, as Jesus washes and sanctifies the church. He is to bring her alongside of himself in everything without seeing any spot, blemish, or wrinkle in who she is. She is his wife; bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh in all things. This is the foundation of marriage and it is the foundation of the church as the wife of Jesus, the body of Christ to the headship of Christ in all things. This is why the enemy forms weapons against the basic structure and unity of family, the marriage of a man and a woman as one flesh for the identity, testimony, and purpose of God in all things. Salvation is not merely a matter of humanity going to heaven when they die. It is a matter of restoring the heavenly identity, testimony, and destiny of mankind through the relational aspects of a man and a woman, Jesus and the church, for the will of the Father in all things.


Ted J. Hanson

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