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Today is my last day in Las Vegas after several days with Aaron, Amani, Kaden, and Zaria. Family is a wonderful gift and Bonnie and I are very rich to have such a wonderful family. We are blessed to return to Vegas again in the next months, though sad to leave today. Thus is life!

God’s perfect way of filling the earth is as a family. As a Christ-centered, Christ-empowered community, we should be a welcoming family to people in the world who have not known the love, culture, way, power, or authority of true family. We should understand what it is that makes a family and we should exhibit the attributes of true family life to others. In God’s design there was Adam and Eve, a man and a woman, who were to be fruitful, multiply, fill, subdue, and have dominion in the earth. This is the means by which mankind would take the fruitfulness of the God of the garden to the barren places of the earth. Adam and Eve weren’t just together for their own personal pleasure, but there was great pleasure in their love for one another – spirit, soul, and body. The result was partnership, babies, family, purpose, and all manner of life. They weren’t having sex to produce babies, their intimacy with one another was producing babies. Love was creating an environment for healthy family. A family of clear identity, testimony, and purpose of life. They were experiencing one another deeply. Life was happening that could then subdue the world around them, the attribute of expanding life. It could bring dominion, an attribute of the expansion of who they truly were. True dominion is to make life stable and expanding. Their relationship would be that of a real family that produces more real families that will also produce more real families.

When we look at the world, we easily see dysfunctional families. Families without fathers, with many fathers, or with no mothers. Some have created families with two fathers or two mothers. There are many families that are broken, divided, and split. In cultures today, families are looking for life. Men and women are looking for life. They don’t know that God is the way to life. They are not seeking God nor are they seeking His patterns. They are seeking to follow their own hearts to do what is right in their own sight. They are creating need-based love, need-based families, and need-based cultures in the societies of the world. God doesn’t hate them for that. He wants them to find the path of life. When we find Christ, we are not exempt from living in the world, but we are able to find the mystery of Christ in us that can heal our dysfunctions. We have a choice. We can embrace the ways of the world and try to make God fit into our self-focused, self-delusional, self-destined lives or we can embrace God’s ways, find His paths, be changed by His heart inspired law of love, and become an expression of His community as families in the earth. Every one of us come from homes that are not as they should be, but God wants to heal us in a generational way. We should not be as dysfunctional as the world. We should be salt and light to the world. The only way that this is possible is for us to find the likeness and the image of God in our own lives. We must become givers of life and break the dysfunctional patterns of the world. When we break the patterns of the world in our own lives and families, we open a path for others to follow. We change the world for our children and our children’s children. We come from the cultures of single moms, single dads, broken homes, failed marriages, many divorces, men with men, and women with women and other forms of need based relationships. We have complicated environments where people are looking for life in some form of community, in some form of connection, and some form of belonging in relationship. We cannot condemn them for that, we have to demonstrate the answers. We cannot condemn ourselves where we have contributed to these things, but we must find God’s grace to transform the world for our children and our children’s children. We must be loved and demonstrate love into the environment where the answers are. We must be empowered and empower others to embrace the culture of the kingdom of heaven. When we accept the natural way of our lives as the ground for God’s supernatural power to work, our dysfunctions become the resource for God’s miracles. We can watch God do miracles as we become dependent upon Him in our ways. When we depend upon God in all of our ways, He heals families, restore families, and make families new again. We must allow Him to reveal Himself as a Father to the fatherless. This is our highest priority. Life, restoration of life, redemption, reconciliation, and a recreating of our lives is in the hands of God. Christ in us is the power to make things new again in a multigenerational way. The secret is to see Christ as precious. We cannot live without Him. He is the way, we are not the way for Him to conform to. He is the way to transform our lives in every way.


Ted J. Hanson

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