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We had a great weekend here in Bellingham. On Friday night we had a worship night and God showed up in an intimate and powerful way. There was much body ministry and many experiencing a deep and intimate touch of God. That same Spirit continued yesterday in church. I released a prophetic word as well as a word given by Pastor Jonathan. I felt to post those words today. We are in a new season as the body of Christ, the spiritual house of His habitation.

Word by Ted J. Hanson – August 21, 2022:

The Spirit of the Lord says, “I am releasing another measure, and when I measure things I do not measure them the same way that men measure things. For men measure their world by that which ends, but I measure My world, says God, by that which has no end.  And I’m releasing another measure this morning that your vision might go farther than you can expect. For My measurement is always limitless. My measurement is always above and beyond all that you could think or even imagine.” And so the Lord says, “I’m lighting a fire inside of you for its My passion, it’s My love, that’s going to spring up within you and cause the vision of your heart to be the vision of your heart and not the vision of your mind. For there have been things that have tried to hem you in and bind you from moving forward in the things of Me. But this is a day of new expectancy. For I’m releasing another measure and My measurements are always in love, My measurements are always in limitless measures. For nothing can separate you from Me, says God.  Nothing can separate you from the limitless measures of My heart. For My expectancy of you has been greater than the expectancy that you’ve even had of Me. For I have put it in you to seek and to find and to know that which grows like a fire, burns like a flame,  and can see beyond the measurements of your world. Let My heaven’s measure invade your heart. Let me give you a new beginning. Let Me give you a new start. For this is the season of increase,” says the Lord.

Word by Jonathan Hanson – August 21, 2022:

I Just hear that He planted a vision, but you’ve been looking through the vision inside your head. But the vision isn’t in your head, the vision’s been in your heart all along. And you were told to express a clear vison so that other heads would understand so you looked to your head to find the answers, but you’ve been frustrated because you couldn’t find the answers.  but God says “Look to your heart. That’s where I live.  Look to your heart and express with your heart and the vison will be known. So let your heart be free. Let your heart be open. All the bondage that you felt like has held you back, that hurt you. You had to protect yourself. You do not have to protect yourself. I am there to protect you. And it’s not the kind of protection you wish for. It’s the kind of protection I long for which is to be with you in the middle of suffering. To be with you in the middle of things not happening the way you want. Let your heart be open. Let your heart be open. I put vision inside there. I put vision inside there long before you even knew what vision was. I put it inside your heart, so let your heart be open. Vulnerability is the key. Expressing your heart is the key. Going towards pain is the key, because on the other side of pain is love and it’s this connection with Me you’ve never experienced before. The enemy tried to mark you, so you wouldn’t go there but I say come deeper. Come deeper with Me. Come deeper with Me. I’m right on the other side of that thing you’ve been afraid of, but it’s inside your heart. It’s inside your heart.”

So, Just open your heart to Him. Express your heart to Him. Do it in private! Do it in public! Do it even with people that scare you. Express your heart to Him.

“Watch Me do things! Watch me do things that you have never known possible before. I am healing you deep inside and I’m unloosing the things that have tried to take you out. All the talons that have hooked into the places your pain, those talons are being released right now.”

He’s releasing you from darkness. He’s releasing you from things that have held you back. From places that have band aids – He’s ripping off band aids! Because you kept it on for too long. The wound is there, and it needs some air. The wound needs some air. I see Him healing the places that had the talons hooked in there.

The spiritual strongholds that have been bound because of what you did Jesus we release their talons now from people’s hearts, in Jesus’ name, and we connect and bind to You God. We connect and bond to Your love.


I believe that God is doing some deep things in this season. Today I am in the mountains in prayer (both literally and spiritually) that I might find Him because I know He wants to come to me where I live in my everyday world. When I seek Him in the mountain, I will find Him in the mountain so that He can find me in the valley of my everyday world. His mercy has triumphed in the mountain that His grace might abound in the valley of my today!


Ted J. Hanson

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