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We had an awesome time in the manifest presence of God yesterday in our local church. There was a free flowing of the Holy Spirit with our personal connection to God and to one another. God was speaking and His family was responding.

True communion is a sharing of the bread of the body of Christ and a drinking of the Spirit of Christ as the life of being the body of Christ. The bread that we experience is the testimony of humanity made to become the word of God in flesh. The cup that we drink is a cup of the Spirit. It is a cup of resurrection life. How do we drink the cup of resurrection life? Our connection to one another as members of the body of Christ is not merely a connection of the soul. It is not merely a connection made by attending the same church or becoming a member of a fellowship. Our connection is a connection to God and to one another by the manifest presence of the Spirit of Christ. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ in us, upon us, and with us as the body of Christ. This is the testimony of grace! This is the testimony of the resurrection life of Christ in our lives. Even in the Old Covenant, there were times when men had a revelation of the presence of God and their need for His Spirit in their lives.

Psalms 51:7 Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. 8 Make me hear joy and gladness, that the bones You have broken may rejoice. 9 Hide Your face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities. 10 Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. 11 Do not cast me away from Your presence, and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. 12 Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit. 13 Then I will teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners shall be converted to You. 14 Deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed, O God, the God of my salvation, and my tongue shall sing aloud of Your righteousness.

David’s appeal to God was that God wouldn’t look at the errors of his departure from God, but that God would heal the root cause of his disconnects so that he wouldn’t disconnect ever again. He called for God to change his heart with the strength of David’s spirit from within. He knew that the Holy Spirit in him and with him was his salvation. David understood his need for the presence of God in His life. His salvation was the presence of God with Him. He understood that God is a giver and not a taker. His view of the Holy Spirit was that of being the generous Spirit. He knew that God’s manifest presence in his life would be a testimony to sinners and that they would be converted by the testimonies of God’s love. The beginning and the end of the testimony of God’s Spirit in his life was the removal of all shame and every cause for shame in his life.

The communion of the Holy Spirit in our midst is the removal of all shame. God’s presence in our lives removes the consequence of every shame in our lives and His presence heals the root cause of our iniquities. Hearing God is not about knowing what to do, it is about knowing God. True communion is knowing God in our lives and in and through the lives of one another. It is the life of Christ in us, upon us, and with us that testifies of the death of Jesus Christ to give us the resurrection life of Christ. It is the presence of Holy Spirit in our hearts that creates clean hearts within us.

I hear God saying for us to listen with our spirits! Holy Spirit speaks to our spirits, not our heads. God wants us to trust what He is saying to our spirits more than we trust what we think He is saying to our heads. We need to discover the rest, the revelation, and the transformation that takes place when we dwell in the presence of God, and we allow Him to dwell with His presence in us. We wrestle in hearing God because we believe that hearing God is understanding God in our minds.  God says that those who have ears to hear are those who hear. Hearing God is not an effort of the flesh, but a response to the Spirit. Both Jesus in the gospels and the Holy Spirit in the book of Revelation declared, “He who has an ear to hear, let him hear.” Hearing is a response to the Spirit, not a strain of human effort. It is a matter of letting our spirits hear that empowers a process of letting our minds hear the voice of God from within us. The fruit is an empowering of our thoughts, reasoning, imagination, emotions, and desires from within. It is not something that we strive to see happen, but a supernatural inspiration from within. It is a drinking of the Spirit of Christ in our lives. It is a communion of the Spirit – God’s Spirit to our spirit. I believe this is the true power of God’s grace. This is the blood of the New Covenant working in us and when we allow this to happen in our place of corporate connection it is an empowerment of life to us all.


Ted J. Hanson

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Sally Hansen Bowen
8 months ago

Pastor Ted,
This is the (rather long) article I referred to when I spoke with you at A Life:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, adopted me into the family of Heaven to live in partnership an “extravagant,” abundant, and whole-loving life. True Communion has to do with New Life in the New Man in placement with the Father of the Universe while I am living in this world. My sojourn in this life offers me the opportunity to “upgrade” my image in Christ by partnering with Him through all the challenges because He knows The Way—my standard is in the outcome; my placement in VICTORY and resolve, on exchanging my dead man habits for Kingdom language and Yay—Hellish experiences just graces me more of Heavenly identify. The issue is not the issue in futility; I rest in His infinite wisdom, grace, love—He is my shield and high tower; I am a citizen of Zion from where I worship the glory of my God. It is all about getting to know Him:
Religion imparts performance; Communion with Christ is my placement in The Kingdom that embraces relationship with the Living God by the spirit within my being as well as His Body. My placement in Christ gives me permission for infinite possibilities, wonder, beauty, with validation, love, and acceptance, revelation for my life and the lives of others. I am propelled by Grace into the discovery and application of whom I am in Christ and who He is in my unique person. It is the desire of my heart to see Communion with Jesus and with the unique person in each member of the Body of Christ as we come into unity in the same spirit that raised Christ from the grave; to be a Family of believers in the earth as Kingdom dwellers.
Meditating on what the Bible really says while weeding out shame-based religion, I live rebirth in exponential joy. What rebirth really means is that I no longer address, respond to, or fellowship with the corpse of my dead man (woman.) His sacrifice and resurrection graces freedom from the bondages of negativity and the atmospheres of futility in the earth. In refusing to partner with the enemy regarding the dictates of the world and the dead language of self, I remain in my placement in His Kingdom of grace, beauty, majesty, peace and infinite wisdom;  How-to live-in relationship with God.
Communion in church is often debated on how it should be “performed” and by whom it is to be administered in terms of a patriarchal hierarchy of “authority.” Religion has reduced the precious Blood and Body of Jesus Christ, The King of Kings, The Name Above all Names into a “libation.” Rather than a relationship, a relationship in placement in Christ and the Body of Christ, religion argues how and when wine and bread should or should not be ingested in little cups and crackers. Communion is not a “libation,” it is about Jesus; our new life is circulating in His bloodstream and Body in unity, oneness with Him as well as each other in “the same spirit” that raised Christ from the dead.
Communion as in The Last Supper, regarding His Body and His Precious Blood, is about “ingesting” The Way, The Truth, and The Life into my very being; the nourishing discovery of who He is in me, who I am in Him, and who I am in the Body of Christ. Jesus meant for my “remembrance of Him” to embrace partnership with Him in all things, reconciled life in discovering the magnitude, height, depth, spaces, and realms in a choreographed reality now and forever. Therefore, Jesus said He is the head of the Body and that believers are members of His Body in the earth as representatives of the Kingdom. It is my joy to experience the impartation of His spirit through fellowship with the believers who are created to hear and see differently than I.
Each saved soul is a precious eternally purposed son and daughter of the living God. This is a sacred reality.  Jesus tells me that I am whole in my placement in Him; I received the gift of Grace into all that Jesus is the moment of my salvation. If God lives in me, how can I lack any good thing? How can I be anything else but loved, loved, loved? How can my Father withhold my purpose in the earth when He in fact created the blueprint of eternity and wishes to celebrate my calling more than I? If Christ in me is what the Father sees, why would He love me any less than His only begotten son sacrificed for my eternal gift of inheritance in all who God is?
What about the washing of feet in terms of what He asked us to do at the Last Super? When I wash the feet of His sons and daughters am I not celebrating who Christ is in them and the beauty and treasures He is igniting in their souls? Also, if Christ is in them, am I not washing the feet of Christ as well? Why is it called the Last Super? Perhaps because this is The How-To live In Communion with Him and each other until the Marriage Super of the Lamb. Why isn’t Jesus going to drink of the fruit of the vine until the Marriage Super of the Lamb? Perhaps because until we who hear His voice in the Wilderness and follow, are united in the Vine of His perfect Holiness. Perhaps He is fasting for our complete unity and wholeness in Him; so that we who are reborn become the spotless Bride.
The issue is becoming like Christ, I cannot do this on my own. His ways are not my ways, so why follow the thinking of a corpse and partner with the devil to keep me from owning who I am in Christ? I am whole because He lives! The issue is not the issue in terms of trials, tribulations, rejection, loss, grief, hate, trauma, and dictates of futility. The true issue is this: I am navigating transformation for the purpose of illuminating Glory with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit operating from the Mind of Christ: I am His Beloved, I am a chosen generation, I am a Royal Priest, I am a Saint, I am kindness, love, joy, goodness, patience, faithfulness, self-controlled, peace, and I can do all things through Christ. I am whole right now–it takes practice to use my free will to partner with every good and perfect thing in my placement in Jesus:
In rebirth I share in the divinity of Christ, the Hope of His Glory manifesting. Instead of my best thinking, entitlements, rights, wrongs, past, mistakes, failures, shortcoming etc. on the forefront of who I think I am. I am who He says that I am in every aspect of my new life, His sacrificed Body and His precious Blood engrafts me into my true identify. I am The New Creature birthed in my spirit when I first believed, now under His grace and favor as well as all His promises and permission to live a Kingdom supernatural life. This is not a linear place—it’s facetted on many shining sides, and I am learning how to reflect the beauty of The Lord in Communion with Him and The Saints.
This Living ever New is sustained on His essence, the DNA of His Love; the Life He gave for me is His mandate of Purposeful Love while expanding the Kingdom and The Body of Christ. I do not have to be more for God. In terms of loving me more or less because of my performance, His Love is a given continuum. I am not required to change, I am placed in the nature, ways, power, and authority of the King; I am placed in the Kingdom to live “outrageously” my true blueprinted LIFE crafted at the foundation of the Universe. His resurrection and igniting power are guiding and celebrating my life moment by adoring moment. I am His favored one and so are you.
Sally Hansen Bowen