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Wow! I had a very productive and fruitful time in Portugal this past week. Another training course, The Redeemed Earth – Healing the Curse of the Fall (A Terra Redimida – Cura da Maldição da Queda), is vídeo recorded in Portuguese. I am now in the process of editing the material to complete our 11th training course in Portuguese. I was blessed on the weekend to minister in Igreja Evangélica Reviver in Cavaco, Portugal (near Porto) as well as at a Weslyan Methodist conference in Aveiro, Portugal. God did some great things.

God has destined each of us for a purpose in life. The end of every age and the end of every life is intended to be a harvest. Harvest is what supplies seed for the next planting and bread for present eating. Harvest is not meant to be mere blessings we receive in our personal lives. True harvest is measured by the amount of blessing we bring to the earth and to the future generations of the earth. Nirvana is not the end of the kingdom of God. From dust we came and simply to dust we return is part of the curse of the fall of man, but our redeemed purpose in Christ is one of being living bread to our world and sowing seeds for the future life of the generations of mankind. A God-ordained harvest is a harvest filled with the glory of God! It is a harvest of life that brings life to the world.

Genesis 1:28 Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

Our lives should be marked with increasing life. The five words used in the mandate to mankind are all life-giving, life-increasing words. We can easily understand the words fruitful, multiply, and fill as words of life and increasing life, but we often mistake the words subdue and dominion for words that take life, suppress life, and even destroy life in some way. This is as far from the truth as we can get. To subdue is to destroy death with life. This is the testimony of grace. Grace is the manifest presence of God in our lives that transforms our lives by the power of God’s life. To exercise dominion is to crumble every lie with truth. Truth is in fact authority and true authority is simply being real to what something is or who someone is. The real you gives life to the world in which you live.

What will it take for us to receive God’s determined harvest in our lives? God has set laws in the earth that are meant to serve humanity in filling the earth with the glory of God. Those hidden laws in creation work together for the order of life, the sustaining of life, and the increase of life in the earth. Every measure of creation was created to honor the higher levels of creation with the fruit and harvest of life. If we violate the levels of honor woven into the fabric of creation, we bind the creation from honoring the higher levels of creation with life. The highest level of creation in the earth is mankind, male and female. Humanity was created in the likeness and image of God; thus, the earth is given to mankind to fulfill the human mandate given to us by God. There are also hidden laws in creation that unlock the earth’s blessings to mankind. If man does not honor God as the Creator, creation is bound from fully honoring man. It is for this reason that the Promised Land was spewing out its inhabitants and God was giving the land to the people of Israel. In turn, if Israel did not honor God the land would spew them out as well.

In the seventh letter in the Book of Revelation, Jesus said He would spew the lukewarm out of His mouth. This is a Hebrew phrase that was part of the curse for breaking covenant with God (Lev. 18:24-28; Lk. 21:24). Israel was told that if they became like the nations of the world, the Promised Land would vomit them out. The people of Laodicea had become conditioned by the world to no longer be seekers of God, but simply lovers of themselves. They thought themselves to be rich and in need of nothing, but God saw them to be “wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked”. This is the description of the Pharisaic Judaism of the first century (Lk. 18:9-14; Rev.18:7). A fallen condition disqualified them from ministry (Lev. 21:18-21; Deut. 29:4; Mt. 13:13-15; Mt. 16:3; 2 Cor. 4:3, 4; 1 Jn. 2:11). It is written in the very fabric of creation to spew out humanity if they fail to live as the higher level of creation in honor to the Creator of all creation. It is part of the law of harvest. In order to live in the fullness of our destiny for harvest in our lives, we must first live to honor God as our Father in all things.

Let’s live to honor our Father in heaven with all that we possess. This includes out thoughts, desires, dreams, our time and the substance of our lives. When we honor God, creation will honor us so we can bring life to our world!



Ted J. Hanson

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