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Today I am in Wales after a great weekend in Clay Cross, England. We had a great time on Saturday activating the prophetic nature and power of Holy Spirit with a group of hungry adults. Sunday, we experienced a great turn out in church and people were ready to receive teaching on being the house of God’s presence in all things. God is doing good things in England, as in the many nations of the world. Increase human experience with you Holy Spirit!

The community of God is an expression of the family of God. In any expression of the family of God there are various roles, functions, and responsibilities. As a community of Christ, we support and value the function of one another, but each and every function fulfills a different role in the corporate testimony of a Christ centered community. The family of God includes, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, and other expressions of community. It is a place of divine calling and placement for a God-ordained purpose in the earth. That purpose is one of being fruitful, multiplying, filling, subduing, and exercising dominion. These are not characteristics of a solitary gifting, but testimonies of a corporate expression of life for the glory of God the Father of us all. The corporate authority of the family is a full testimony of the individual authorities working together as one. There are various roles of authority because there are various roles of responsibility. The ultimate responsibility is that of a being a family that can produce families, but for this to happen there must be a healthy testimony of fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and other community expressions working together as one. Each member has an authority and an anointing to fulfill that authority. Anointing doesn’t equal authority, but proper authority will give a life-giving grace to anointing. Without proper authority mere anointing becomes a weapon that creates dysfunction and death towards other members of the community. This is why the devil and his hosts of wickedness seek to deceive family members by twisting their value of anointing as something more valuable than proper relationship. Proper relationship with one another is discovered in knowing who one another are in the bigger picture of us together. We can only receive from, and give to one another, to the degree we recognize who one another are in the family. The glue of being the family of God is not just love, it is love for each and every family member for who and what they are in the family. We love the personality of each one, but we also embrace the authority of each one for who they are in the family. My dad and mom have long gone to heaven, but while they were alive on earth, I loved them because they were my dad and mom. Knowing what they were in my family helped me get a revelation of who they were. They weren’t just my friends. They were my dad and mom. We don’t just see one another as individuals in the family, we see the individuals together as expressions of the family. Without the individuals something is missing in the corporate calling, inheritance, and destiny of the family. Without a revelation of the various roles of members in the family there is a danger of misunderstanding love when it is given. My role as a father to my children is different than my role as a brother to my brother. If a son sees a father as a brother, they will misunderstand the words of their father when he speaks. It doesn’t matter what he says, they will filter his words through a process of equality of authority. This will always open the door for deception and a destruction in the family.

We are God’s children, God’s family; and He joins us for His calling, His testimony and His purpose. To fulfill our individual role in this journey, and to see the corporate testimony of the family fulfilled in the journey, requires various levels in our relationship with one another. These relationships begin with our commitment one to another. Each of us must demonstrate a commitment to one another and to the corporate journey of the family. The power of true commitment is found in a revelation of love, but without a revelation of who each community member is, there cannot be a true revelation of what love looks like.

Our commitment to God is only as good as our revelation of His love for us. When we know His love, we are supernaturally motivated to love God from within our hearts. That revelation is not just based upon the fact that He is good, it is also based upon the fact that He is God in the form of a Father, a savior, a deliverer, a healer, a creator, a counselor, a giver of life and a transformer of all things. The same is true in relationships with one another in the family of God. When we know the power of love in our hearts, we become supernaturally empowered to love one another from within. Knowing the power of love is also based upon knowing each member’s role in the family. Knowing who they are in the family empowers us to hear them for our corporate destiny.


Ted J. Hanson

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