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Today I am in Bellingham after a great and challenging weekend at Alife and our conference concerning knowing coming to wholeness in our journey in Christ. I am going to continue on my topic of last week concerning the prophecy that I released September 24, 2004.

The iniquity in the human heart is the weakness that leads to transgression and sin. It is the vulnerable place within us that needs a visitation of God. It is the place that only a habitation of God can transform. It is the place of weakness within us that must discover God’s manifest presence and healing. God is releasing a grace for a grassroots revolution in the midst of humanity that heals the weaknesses of our hearts and causes us to become a testimony of being the people of God. The inherited characteristics of weakness are going to be transformed by the characteristics of Christ within us. Our potential character as sinners is going to be overcome by our ability to embrace Christ within and be transformed to the character of God in our lives.

I have been contemplating the prophetic word to remove the headship of promiscuity and legalism and how God is performing His will in the nations concerning this reality. In the natural it seems to be a day of division, dysfunction, and death; but God is offering His supernatural grace to cause His people to rise up with a welcome call, an overcoming testimony, and Christ’s supernatural power for restored destinies. Outside of Christ men and women are bound to the times and the seasons of a natural world, but in Christ we are given the power of heaven’s grace. God wants to invade the earth with heaven’s grace. As I have been contemplating the removal of lawlessness and legalism God reminded me of the words of Jesus concerning what is the best in the Old Covenant administration.

Luke 7:28 “I say to you, among those born of women there is no one greater than John; yet he who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.” (NAS)

Outside of Christ, law without Pharisaism is the best teacher. Lawlessness is not a good teacher at all. It sets no boundaries for truth. Truth is not meant to be a rule of information in our lives. Truth is a person. Jesus is the truth in human form and each of us are called by God to be a testimony of truth in some measure. We are each called to reveal who God is in human form. Our identity, testimony, and destiny are hidden in Christ and even predestined in Christ. We must find ourselves in Christ to discover it. Law without Pharisaism is not going to change us. It is only a surface testimony of the One who is God. God wants to change our character, nature, way, power, and authority from within. Being born again is a miracle. It is something supernatural. Christ in humanity can create a human life that could be accused of being Christian, but merely embracing a religious form called Christianity will not transform our lives. We must not let true Christianity be classified a merely a religion among many religions in the world. All paths of religion lead to nothing, but only Christ in humanity leads to the glory of God.

When we allow a characteristic of a crook or a bent of weakness to become the character of our lives, we move beyond merely a potential characteristic and we become someone we were not destined to be. We become a testimony of twisted truth to who we are intended to be as a man or a woman of God.  When we do this, we think we are being real to who we are, but it is a distortion of who we were meant to be. Each of us are responsible to turn to the Lord in our hearts and see God transform our iniquities to testimonies of His healing grace. It begins with being born again and then it is lived out by embracing an environment of the Spirit of Christ, not merely living independently as the spirit, soul, and body of a human life. Being born again doesn’t empower God to love us more, it simply empowers us to see His love. Unless we see His love, we cannot embrace His love. Unless we embrace His love, we cannot be changed by His love. Being changed doesn’t empower God to love us, it empowers us to be a testimony of His love. This is a love for God, a love for others, and even a love for ourselves as it should be. We cannot belittle the supernatural miracle of the new birth experience, the ability to be translated from the kingdoms of darkness into the kingdom of the Son of His love. It is the ability to choose to live in and from the throne room of God’s grace. It is there we reach out and receive His mercy and daily look to find His grace to reign in life.


Ted J. Hanson


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