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Today I am once again in Bellingham. I had a great time in Las Vegas, Nevada visiting my grandchildren and now a great weekend at Alife and more grandchildren. Life is good.

In the garden of Eden all the trees were good to look at. All the trees were good for food, but there was one tree that was different than the rest. It was not different because it looked nice. All of the trees were pleasing to the eyes. It was not different because it was good for food. All the trees of the garden were good food. They all tasted good and could be desired. The only difference between this tree and all the other trees was that it made you smart. It made it so man would know what he was doing, therefore, he would always think he could know what he was doing. It made man independent. Therefore, it made man unable to subdue his enemies, but vulnerable to being subdued by them. The last thing we need to be, is smart. We don’t need an increase of the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil. It is by reason of use that we can discern the difference. What gives us reason of use? God resting in our lives. This is not us working so that we can rest. Rest is not the end of purpose. Rest is the foundation for purpose, but that rest is not a human rest. That rest is God resting in our lives, because He is satisfied with the identity, testimony, and destiny that He sees in humanity.

After the fall, when man chose the knowledge of good and evil, men had to be governed by their human spirit that was now disconnected from God’s Spirit. This was an administration of human conscience. The human conscience is not the Holy Spirit, it is the human spirit. It is in every human being. It is a voice that is a knowledge of good and knowledge of evil. It is not the voice that was intended to be the government of human beings. The government of human beings was meant to be a union of the human spirit and the Holy Spirit. When Holy Spirit rests in the human spirit, the human spirit begins to receive life-giving thoughts, strategies, desires, emotions, and imaginations that come from the Spirit of God inspiring their own spirits from within. When the human spirit is independent, it becomes vulnerable to enemies that it cannot subdue.

So, after the fall in Genesis, from chapter 3 to chapter 6, we find 1500 years of covenantal history. During this time, we find that human beings had partnered with angels and angels had partnered with humanity. The independence of humanity had not only created perversions of their own identity, they had participated in creating perversions in the spiritual heavens. The Pseudepigrapha writings of the Jews, like the mythological writings of many cultures, are an account of a mixing of heaven beings and humanity. They are probably not accurate in their perspective from humanity, but all cultures of humanity have something in their history that tells a story where angels and humans mixed. The Bible mentions it only briefly because it is not the main event, but it was a reality. My point is this; when humans lost the ability for God to rest in their lives, bad things happened in heaven and on earth.

In the midst of that time, there was a family of the house of Noah who had a conscience that was right towards God. Noah was righteous in his generation. According to the knowledge that we have today, he may not have been righteous. But according to the knowledge of his day, he was righteous. His name was Noah, which means rest.God decided He could rest in this family with the hope of repopulating the earth for God’s purpose through the vessels of men. As in the beginning, the starting point for something redemptive and new was one of God resting in men. God could rest in the family of Noah. After the flood, God confirmed the covenant with Noah.

Genesis 9:1 So God blessed Noah and his sons, and said to them: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.

God said to be fruitful, multiply and fill; He did not say subdue and have dominion. It was then that God implemented human law. This continued until the time that God gave humanity His law. From the time of Noah to the time of Moses there was human law and from the time of Moses to the time of Jesus there was Torah law, but the law was not sufficient to create a place where God could rest. God could not rest in men until the time that Jesus came. He was born of the Spirit and born of the flesh. He was a man and as a son of God. He was another Adam, with another Eve inside of Him. He came, not to fix God’s world, but to fix the human world. God never had a problem with Satan. There has never been a competition between God and the devil. There has never been a time where God was worried about what He would do. There has never ever been a possibility of Satan winning. The only ones who had a problem with Satan was humanity. They signed the deed of the earth over to the Devil when they forsook the ability to be the place where God rests.


Ted J. Hanson

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