Making Wise the Simple


What a great day it was yesterday with family, friends, my church community and the resurrection life of Christ in our midst. It was a great day overall. I was home in my community church and God was in the house. My youngest granddaughter turned three this week and we had a great celebration for her last night as a full and blessed family.

I was awakend to God’s presence last night with these things rising from a dream where I was asked, what is mercy? From my spirit came the following:

Mercy is standing in a relationship with God with who you are so that you can find grace to become who you really are. Mercy is knowing you are a child of God because your sins are forgiven by your heavenly Father who loves you in all things. Grace is discovering you are a son or a daughter of God your Father and you can overcome anything that is not like God in your life because God’s presence is empowering you to be transformed to become an increasing testimony of being an expression of Him in all things. Grace empowers you to become the likeness and image of Him in your world. He allowed people to hurt you, so you could become like Him and He allowed you to hurt others, so they too could become like Him. Mercy and grace are God’s provision for being and becoming the fullness of God’s family in the earth. By these too things we grow to know Him and to become like Him. By these too things we find our identity in the calling, the inheritance, and the power of His name for the glory of our family name in all things.

I believe that what was expressed in my spirit was spoken by God’s Spirit to my spirit and now these thoughts have flooded my soul. I am discovering another level of satisfaction in life. True satisfaction in life can only be found in becoming a human being in the likeness and image of our heavenly Father. What does it take to find a life of satisfaction as a human being? Like the hidden mysteries of our natural world, there are hidden mysteries of our spiritual connection to God. These are secrets to discovering human identity. These six things will convert our souls, make us wise in simplicity, cause our hearts to rejoice, cause our eyes to see, make us clean and enduring, and bring us great reward. These are the testimonies of living a satisfied life. Last week I presented that the first of these mysteries is that of God’s law.

Human beings were created to be connected to God, spirit to Spirit. When we find the internal connection to God through Christ in us, we become empowered by grace and we cast the shadow of law. The shadow of our lives should testify of the hidden mysteries of the character, nature, way, power, and authority of their Father, God. God’s law is really about love and only a revelation of God’s love can empower us to act rightly. A revelation of God’s love empowers us to become all that God’s love is in all that we are. It is by this that our thoughts, strategies, desires, emotions, and imaginations can become life inspired to make us life-giving to the world around us.

A second secret is that of finding wisdom in simplicity. Wisdom is the key to going from where we are today to where we need to be tomorrow. Wisdom leads us in the journey of life to find life and to be life for our world. The testimony of God is something that gives us an undeniable witness of who He is. A testimony is not dependent upon being smart, it is actually dependent upon being simple. Sometimes we don’t have answers to the difficult or impossible situations in our lives. When God breaks through with the power of His goodness and love we don’t need to know anymore. Wisdom is all about getting from today into tomorrow. The testimonies of God can free us from today and get us into our future by the power of His love. His testimonies make the simple wise. We need a converted soul and we need the testimonies of God to find satisfaction in life. Sometimes being too smart, too knowledgeable, and too aware of the natural possibilities prevents us from depending upon the poetic realities of God. A testimony from God is a poetic reality of a change in our world. It is the poetic realities of God’s love that make the simple wise. When He walks into the room, everything changes!

Psalms 19:7 The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple…

We are becoming the substance of our Father’s love and we are shining with the testimony of His love in all things. These things don’t happen because we are smart, they happen because our heavenly Father is good. The family tree of life produces the fruit of life in all things!



Ted J. Hanson

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