Prophecy of March 3, 2018


We had a great weekend of prophetic training at Christ Life Training and Abundant Life Church. We did training and in the midst of the weekend some unction came upon me to make a declaration concerning relevant prophetic grace in this present season. I recorded it and have posted it upon my podcast site but felt to present it in a written form today.

Prophecy is always seeing something, experiencing something that is unexplainable that wrecks you in your heart, expressing it in a way that no one can understand, and then expressing it clearly so it seems like it can be understood, and then finally becoming the testimony of what was expressed.

In the late 1990’s there were many sings and wonders of supernatural things. Some of those things still continue in various places. They are the expressions of a mystery that are the first expressions for prophetic changes in the earth. I believe that when we transitioned into the present millennium we entered into a place of God’s grace of the Spirit of Knowing whereby we will be transformed to become the community of God for the sake of the communities of the nations. God wants to transform us to become pillars of God’s temple that establish expressions of His community – come-to-unity, and communion – come-to-union with God’s Spirit and with one another to be known His people in the earth.

Stage one of the present prophecy for change in the earth began in the late 90’s with gems, jewels, gold dust, gold teeth, feathers, bread, and other signs and things that made us wonder in the mystery. The present prophetic word began in the late 90’s and the first of this millennium with mystery expressions. Stage two was the beginning of declaring to the mountain to be changed by the present grace of God. This includes internal revolutions, grassroots manifestations of a new vulnerability, transparency and a desire for a deeper intimacy with God and one another as His people in the earth. It includes a revelation of His love, being born to be loved, and a longing for His power to transform us to become like Him in His ways of love. It includes the speech of the Lord, the speaking of the Lord even unknowingly by those who do not know Him, and a speaking of the word of the Lord as we become the people who are the substance of what God has declared to be done. I released a word a number of years ago concerning the present move of grace that is happening in the earth at this time. This is the essence of that word:

The Spirit of the Lord says, you think that I have been showing you heavenly things, but I have been throwing things at you to tell you who you are. And I’ve not been showing you things that are heaven, I have been telling you that what you see to be common, I see as extraordinary. And I have been throwing feathers and you and saying, fly, fly, fly! And I have been throwing bread at you because I have been saying you’re the bread. And I have been throwing gems and jewels at you because what you call natural and common dirt I call gems and jewels of my heart. And I’ve been throwing heavenly things at you to tell you I don’t see the earth the way that you see it. And you think that I have been showing you things that are in heaven, so you can go there, but I have been prophesying over you. And I have been declaring. for in this season you shall be known as the people of God. And you shall come forth with a different character. And you shall come forth with a different testimony.

And why not release an even little stronger word right now! March 3, 2018:

The Spirit of the Lord says, you’ve asked for a tidal wave, you’ve asked for a tidal wave to come, you’ve asked that there would be revival. And I declare to you that the tidal wave is already here. And many of you have not even recognized that it’s here because you are standing in the wrong place of the tidal wave. For the tidal wave has come and it is bringing a destruction. And the things that are of promiscuity and the things that are of legalism will be destroyed. But it’s in this season that I have said to you before, you shall find momentum. But only those who hang ten can find momentum, for my judgments are judgments of love and you have to find your feet standing on the wave and not being crushed by the waters that are in this season. For the Spirit of the Lord declares that there will be a momentum in this generation and even in the death and the passing of Billy Graham, I’m going to take the mantle that was upon Him and I am putting it in a grassroots society that I’m going to cause the teenagers to rise up even in this time. And that which is beyond the millennials will rise up with a new fervency and a new fire, but they’re going to come forth with a covenant value. Something that is going to be sparked in their hearts and it won’t be because I bring forth that which will try to form them externally, but there will be a revolution that comes in the heart. But it will be a time to hang ten says the Lord, and you ‘l be able to ride upon the things that should have taken you out. For there was a generation that was born in the midst of that which is lies. There was a generation that was born in the midst of that which tried to destroy them. There was a generation that was born in the midst of that said not everything is great and out of that generation there is going to rise a greatness and they will be known as the people of God and they will not just know Me as the God of the people. For there will be a momentum.

So, the Spirit of Life says to you, do not look at the wave that crashes you, but rise up again and look at your feet. Will you stand? Will you stand? Will you stand in the place you couldn’t stand before? In the place that you were lied about will you become those who do not lie? In the face of the place you were rejected will you become the people who do not reject? Will you speak with your heart and not with your mind? Will you be those who hang ten and do like Me, make a judgment of love and stand.  And you will ride the wave that is coming, for the revival that is coming is already hear, says the Spirit of the Lord


Ted J. Hanson

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2 Responses to Prophecy of March 3, 2018

  1. Wow! So good. I recognize the treasured essence of these words. I could go through line by line and share the Presence & Truth I embrace and walk in. Thank you for confirmation and revelation Ruach Elohim is deeply caring of each thought and feeling of His sons and daughters. I trust your father’s heart Pastor Ted. Peace on your household. Amen.

  2. Deb Okon says:

    Thank you, was a very good weekend and it is increasing.

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