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Today I am in Portugal. I have had a great weekend in three of the churches here and I will be recording video teachings with Portuguese translation all week. We are putting together training materials for leaders in the Portuguese speaking world. I know this is going to be a full and blessed week. Next weekend I look forward to ministering in a few more of the churches in CCVA here. There are my friends and part of my destiny!

Ok, I am doing my review of 2017 for House of Bread Ministry and looking at a prophecy that I gave at the beginning of the year. I see that this prophecy is happening on a global scale in the natural and in the spiritual dynamics of the church. I wanted to post it today, along with a significant portion of what I posted at the first of this year. I believe God is speaking and He is about to do some awesome things in the earth, especially in the church. Here are the prophecies from the beginning of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. God is surely doing something!

Prophecy for 2017 by Ted J. Hanson

I hear that God says that this is a season where there’s going to be an uncovering, there’s going to be an unveiling, and then there’s going to be a recovering of things as they should have been. There’s going to be an uncovering and there’s going to be an unveiling, and there’s going to be a recovering of things, as they should have been.

The uncovering is not the uncovering that is done like the uncovering of men, not the uncovering like the uncovering of Noah’s son who exposed his nakedness. Not an uncovering that uncovers sin because love covers a multitude of sins. But an uncovering that exposes roots. Because it’s from roots that fruits come. For it is roots that create that which is good or roots that create that which cannot be life.

And this is a season where I’m uncovering and this shaking is going to go into the world. Watch and see because even in the natural arenas, in the secular arenas this is a season where much corruption is going to be uncovered. Many things are going to come to the surface and come to the light that have been hidden but that’s not the good news. The good news is I’m coming to you to uncover in your life things that have held you back. The things in your life that are like a gift, they’re a flaw; left to themselves they destroy you. But when they’re uncovered and revealed they show the very place that you need me the most. And when you find that place in this season you’re going to find that I’m quick to love and I’m quick to heal, I’m quick to transform. For as you were born is not as you should be, it’s as you were born again to be. And I’m going to come and I’m going to deal with things that are even generational in your heart, generational in your family, generational in your city, generational in the communities of God. And I’m going to cause there to be an uncovering only so there can be an unveiling and the unveiling is going to be an unveiling of solutions to that which has been uncovered. But it’s not an unveiling of what is far away. It’s an unveiling of what I’ve put in your house. Don’t you know that you are the house of my habitation? And in the house of My habitation every treasure is there. Yet you cannot see what’s before you unless there is an uncovering to see the need and an unveiling to discover ‘there it is’! My Kingdom come, my will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And then I’m going to restore that which should have been and some things you thought were lost. Some things you thought could never return again. Things the cankerworm devoured, things that were destroyed by the moth, destroyed by the pestilence or the disease. I’m going to cause the very root of that which should have been to be restored and I’m calling in a seven-fold return for all that has been taken from your house and that which would have been will return in full perfection. But it will happen because this is the season where I’m uncovering, I’m unveiling, so I can restore what should have been. You’ll see signs of this in the arenas of the natural but don’t look to the arenas of the natural to understand what I’m doing. For those are just signs of what is real. Look to your hearts. And let me uncover and don’t be so strong that I cannot heal. For this is a season you’re going to understand love like never before. You’re going to understand justice in a new way. You’re going to understand that mercy ended your past and grace empowers your future and you’ll become people who are mercy full and you’ll become people who are full of grace. For this is another season in my measure to be the people of God says God. And I’m doing it here. Don’t look for the things that you can do. Look for who you can be in the things that you do. For the things that you do will not make you who you are but when you discover who you are the things that you put your hands to do will bring in a great harvest says God.

And I’ve given you many giftings and many talents, many abilities, many endeavors, many possibilities. But understand that it will only be as effective as My kingdom come and My will being done on earth as it is in heaven. But know that My kingdom is not far away. My kingdom is within you. It’s a place of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. It’s the place where I rule and I reign. It’s the place where I guide steps into peace. It’s the place where I heal disease and I heal all sickness. It’s the place where light comes to darkness. It’s the place of Christ. It’s the place of desire. It’s the place of the Lord of lords. So, listen to your heart. Listen to your heart.

WOW! In light of the prophecy given for 2018, the ‘roots’ thing is pretty significant. The 2017 prophecy continued to address many things that have come out in the natural, even in the natural arenas of America and the world. There is clearly an ‘uncovering’ and a ‘shaking’ going on in the world. Much corruption is being uncovered. In our lives as believers, we are seeing God reveal our hearts and we are having to be vulnerable, transparent, and real in our relationship with Him and with one another.

I posted a blog at the beginning of this year concerning a prophetic word God gave me for 2018. I believe that this word is relevant to the body of Christ and for covenant relationships in the body of Christ. I believe our roots have been shaken and that we have been tested there. Many things are different for us than they were in the past. I am reminded that our connection is in our roots, not our fruits. We are each expressing diversity in the branches of our lives, but our connection is in our roots. I am blessed to be joined to others in the roots of love. I want to renew, restate, and refresh my commitment those divinely joined in my life. I believe that we are connected in our roots and that this year is going to be a new season of shoots and fruits for each of us.

Here is a portion of my blog that expressed the prophetic word for 2018:

I have a grafted tree in my yard that represents covenant. It is a pear tree with four grafted pears. Four represents covenant and God wants the fruit of our lives to be the result of covenant connection and not ministry opportunities. In 2016 my trees were full of fruit, both my grafted apple tree and my grafted pear tree. There was an expectation at the close of the harvest season that 2017 would be a year of even greater fruit. In the winter season of 2016 there was a strong windstorm where I live. I believe that 2016 closed with a strong windstorm in many ways, naturally and spiritually. My neighbor has a huge trampoline and in the windstorm that trampoline became converted into to a flying saucer! Something that seemed to be a tool of pleasure and personal fitness became an instrument of destruction. It turned on its radar detection system and targeted my pear tree. It literally obliterated my tree! It was a beautifully shaped tree that was all of a sudden devastated! I was shocked and concerned! My tree that represented covenant relationships was being tested to its very life! What would happen now? I wondered if I could graft a tree to itself? Could I mend its existing branches in the same way new branches were added before? I grafted my tree back together. I fastened it, tied it, sealed it, and propped it up so it could be healed. Last year there was no fruit on the tree, but it lived! By the end of the year the tree was beautifully shaped and full of green foliage everywhere. It had more than survived, it was set to thrive!

In 2017, my grafted apple tree didn’t have any apples. I was shocked! I was ready for a year of fruit. My apple tree was barren, except at the end of the season I found two apples hiding under a branch. They were huge! I picked those two apples and I shared one apple with my grandson Kaden and my granddaughter Zaria and I shared the second with my granddaughters Aubrey and London. I did that, because God wants a church that bears fruit for our children’s children. Those two apples were a witness of the life for the future! The tree is planted and the future is still in the fruit that will come from that tree. This is a testimony to God’s church!

For 2018 I prophetically declare: Things are not as you suppose. God has taken you through a season of roots and He has brought your root down to a place of dependence upon Him and that rooting has been taking hold and you have been in a season of roots – not been in a season of fruits. And although you thought there was going to be a season of abundance it seemed like there was a season of depletion and a season of lack and there was even a season of devastation, like the neighbor’s trampoline became a flying saucer and destroyed the tree. Some things seemed like they would be destroyed, but God’s hand has been in the midst of your situation and He has grafted things together that seemed like they would be apart and because the root has gone down – you get ready, because this is going to be a season of two things. One, this is going to be a season of new fruit – fruit you have not seen before. Fruit that you have not expected before. And even where things have been laid bare to the ground this is going to be a season of new shoots. This is a season of new shoots and new fruits, because this past season that you just came out of was a season of roots.

So, don’t despise the darkness of dirt. The darkness of dirt is where God takes you down to the place where you cannot see and you don’t know where you are going, because it is not your ability to see or your ability to go that is going to cause it to grow. It is in your ability to be connected in the place of the root.  And God says, this is going to be a season of great fruit! Things are not as they suppose.


Ted J. Hanson

Thank you again for your prayers and your financial support. Good things are happening! We accomplished many things in 2017 with New Covenant life and Grace in the nations. We have many goals for 2018 and we are believing for God’s kingdom’s influence in many life-giving ways.

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God Bless

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  1. Deb Okon says:

    Thank you for the recap of 2017, I had forgot and being reminded brought great encouragement. I agree with your word for 2018

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