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I have just finished a great weekend in Deming, New Mexico with Pastor Cersar and CitiLife Church. Thank you so much for all who came to the meetings and thank you for your continued love for God and one another. It was great to be with you again. I look forward to seeing you all again in January.

God’s grace is a wonderful gift. It is the gift of God’s manifest presence in our hearts and lives. Grace is not a provision of God to make us new creations some day in the future. Grace empowers each of us to put on Christ and to walk as new creations in this life every day. If I am not putting on Christ, I am not changing. If I am not growing to be a father with an empowerment to see what God sees and to live for the sake of other, I am not endeavoring to live in and by grace. Those others that I live to give life to should be specific people in my world, not just generic concepts of people in the world. Who has God joined me to in this life and who has He given to me? Grace changes us so we grow up and become fathers or mothers for the sake specific others in our worlds. Sometimes we need to be moms. Sometimes we need to nurse or nurture someone. Sometimes we need to be fathers. Sometimes we need to empower others to overcome. My wife can be a father when she needs to be a father and I can also be a mother when I need to be a mother. My wife manifests the father better than many men I know, because she knows how to bring people forward and release them into their responsibility and destiny. Moms meet needs, but dads empower people to meet the needs of others. We need both. There is nothing wrong with our needs being met, but if just our needs are being met, we are not receiving the testimony of God’s inheritance. Grace brings us into destiny and destiny includes others in our lives.

God’s grace causes your world to change. If you have a job that is a good thing. If you don’t have a job, grace will help you get one. If you have a job and you work in an environment where everything is terrible, grace can empower you to change your work environment to something wonderful.  I taught my children this. My son, who is the pastor, used to work in secular business. He once had a job working for a subcontractor for another company. The main company hated the sub-contracting company and they made sure the sub-contracting company was assigned the hard and bad jobs. The employees of the main company would mock the employees of the smaller company. My son became a supervisor for the sub-company. The boss of the contracting company seemingly hated my son as well as all in the sub-company. My son chose to be a man of grace, because only a man of grace can show mercy to people of law. My son’s lifestyle, his work ethic, and his attitude changed his boss. One day his boss came to him with a book called The Shack, and said, Have you ever read this book? His boss was not a Christian. His boss was a mean law keeper in the world and God used my son to transform that man and the environment of the entire workplace. When my son left that job, the sub-contracting company that my son was a supervisor for was only spoken about favorable by the main company. They threw a big party for my son when he quit. This is a practical illustration how a man of grace can manifest truth and crumble lies and even transform a work environment.

Grace is real! It is the power of Holy Spirit at work in your life. It is a different administration and it causes you to be a different kind of earth. If you want to live as a new creature you must live with an administration of a new heaven, because the old heaven was law and the old creature was in bondage. The new creature is in liberty, because it is administrated by the law of liberty. The law of liberty is the testimony of grace.

Grace empowers us to subdue and to become real in life. We become truth and truth crumbles every lie. God wants us to become His likeness and image in this world. He wants us to become love, to become mercy, to become a testimony of life in and to all things. He wants us to become the substance of Him in all things. That is what happens to children of God when they grow up. We are a family of little children, overcoming sons and daughters, and fathers and mothers in the likeness and image of God in this world. The process begins with God’s mercy, but it unfolds by the power of God’s grace. God’s grace is the testimony of a relationship with God in all things. Grace is the power of God that changes us. God expresses Himself to us and life happens! Because of God’s mercy we can all boldly come to the throne of God’s grace and receive mercy for failures of our lives, but we also find grace that gives us the power to change in all things.



Ted J. Hanson

This is a sample of the prophetic worship and prayer night at CitiLife Church. God’s presence moved the earth. Thanks guys.

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