Ambassadors For The Harvest


Today is another great day in the Northwest of the U. S. It was my anniversary yesterday. Bonnie and I have been married for 39 years. What a wonderful journey with a wonderful lady. Bonnie is the best and I look forward to many more years of first experiences with this woman. We live for the harvest and the harvest of our relationship is seen in the love of God being made known in the generations beyond us. Thank you Bonnie for being one with me in this life!

I am an ambassador of Christ. I reside on the earth, but I live in heaven. I was in Christ before I was in the world but when the rule of right and wrong came I died. It was then that judgments became the measuring rods of my life in all of its shortcomings. Then Christ came and by His manifestation of truth and gift of grace I lived again. I came from heaven, I am going to heaven, and I am in heaven right now. I am seated with Christ in heavenly places. I live upon the earth, but my citizenship is in heaven. I have been sent to establish embassies of the kingdom of heaven upon the earth. Those embassies have all the rights, privileges, benefits, and characteristics of heaven. From that place I am exercising the rule of Christ to cause the barrenness of the earth to take on the characteristics, ways, power, and authority of as it is in heaven.

I am blessed by God! Because I am blessed, I am a source of blessing to the world in which I live. God has brought stretching to my life so that I can continually see Him where I could not see Him before. This is not just for my life but also for many others because of Gods stretching in my life. I am consistently moving forward from continued places of seeing God. I am not on a journey to find God; I am on a journey empowered by knowing Him. I believe Him, because I know that He is good and He is the source of everything good.

God is ever increasing and ever expanding in my life. I am a source of multiplication in the world in which I live. I walk by faith and not by natural sight. God has proven and is continually proving to be my friend in every place that would be bitter without Him. Every bitter place is receiving the increase of God’s life and I am continually changing. He even takes what the enemy intends for evil in my life and works it out for good. This is not just for my life alone. It is for many others associated with my life. I am bringing increase to many. I obey Him because I know I can trust Him in all things.

I am a receiver and a gatherer of inheritance. Because of this, I am a source of inheritance to my children and my children’s children. It is not by any work that I have done, but is a work of God’s Spirit in my life. It is not by the power of my flesh, nor by my own creative abilities. It is because of God’s favor in my life. I continually know the Melchizedek Priest of my life. Because of Him I know there are no earthly limitations for my future generations. I have experienced God’s sound and the mark of His Spirit upon my heart. God is my friend and He comes to me continually as my friend. It is not just for me but also for those who follow me. I live with vision and I can dream dreams beyond my own lifetime. God is my friend.

I am an influencer of the world I live in. This is not just the world I presently live in, but also the world of my descendants. I am digging a well and planting trees for the generations that follow me. I am leaving a legacy even to the unclean and unsaved portions of the world. God’s specific grace in my life is releasing increased common grace to the world beyond my lifetime. He has done great things and has made me become a friend of God. He is my first and my last.

See yourself as a blessing today and you will bless the world around you. It is a gift of grace to you from your loving Father in heaven. See yourself as a source of the increase of His kingdom in the world in which you live. Be renewed in the thinking of your mind and decide to live for the Father and the future generations. You are a source of inheritance when you live from the place of inheritance. Recognize that you the light of God in Christ. The opposite of light is not darkness. Darkness is the absence of light. You are light to the darkness of the world. God is your friend and by His grace you are becoming a friend of God.



Ted J. Hanson

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Ted J. Hanson is the author of several Christian books intended to equip and raise up strong believers in Christ. He leads a training school known as Christ Life Training ( and ministers globally through House of Bread Ministry ( Ted travels to various places throughout the U.S. as well as other countries. He is a dynamic preacher/teacher who has a heart to share, uncompromisingly, the Word of God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He holds a bachelor of theology and masters of biblical studies through Christian International Ministries Network and is ordained through Abundant Life Ministries and House of Bread Ministry. He has served to plant and establish many ministries.
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  1. Gary and Marilyn Stuart says:

    Wow is the word that comes to this mind. Powerful description of who we should be and what we should look like. Inheritance living.


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