The End Determines the Beginnings


I just finished a great long run in Portugal. After leaving Lousã I have ministered in Moscavide, Entroncamento, and Queluz. I had a great time with each expression of God’s family here. Each of these cities are very special and the presence of God is among His people. Yesterday was a great completion to a great time out in ministry. It was wonderful in Moscavide, with five people accepting Christ in their hearts. Thank you God for your love and your presence!

Our food is to do the will of Him who sent us. Our food is not something that merely brings satisfaction to our own lives. Our food is going to have seed in it. Doing the will of God in our lives will automatically sow seed by which to reap the harvest of our destiny. God will require of us proper sowing for the proper of reaping of what He has promised. We want to do the will of Him who sent us because God has a goal, a target, a destiny, a purpose, a finish line, and a harvest for each of us. He has some place for us to arrive at in Him. Arriving at our destination does not invoke God’s love, it is God’s love in every step of the process that empowers us to arrive at every end. All that we do serves the greater purpose of who we are and the harvest that God intends for our lives to reap. If we are faithful to do what He has told us to do the law of sowing and reaping will serve that greater law of harvest in our lives.

Jesus ate the food that had seed in it. He did everything that was necessary to serve the purpose for which God had called Him. Jesus didn’t die on the cross so that we would have resurrection life. He determined that we would have resurrection life, so He died on the cross. He even went as far as asking His Father if there was any other way that it could be accomplished. The accomplished work was the reconciliation of all men and women to come to the reality of being children of God. Jesus took the crop of the cross because He had determined for us to reap the benefits of the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. He fulfilled the law of sin and death so that we could enter into the law of the Spirit of Life in Him.

The things we do not determine our inheritance. Our inheritance determines the things that we must do. The laws of the earth serve the greater law of harvest. The law of harvest asks the question: What must we do today to bring us closer to the day of reaping the promise of tomorrow?

Jesus became the first to guarantee the last. He is not only the first in Creation; He is also the firstborn from the dead. The law of first things says that whatever you do with the first is what will be done with the last. Even when it comes to the Church, He is the firstborn from the dead. He didn’t become the firstborn from the dead so that others might possibly follow. He saw all the ones that followed. He became the first so that all the others would follow. He caused the law of first things to serve the greater law of harvest.

We do not determine what we are to sow. God determines our sowing by what He has determined to be our harvest. If God has called us to be a musician we are going to have to submit the law of sowing and reaping to the greater law of harvest. We are going to have to study music in order to reap the benefits of understanding music. We don’t study music in hopes that we might become a musician. We study music in order to reap from our study because God has called us to be a musician. If God said He has called us to be an evangelist and a preacher of His word we had better start studying His word. Studying His word won’t make us an evangelist, but studying His word will reap the benefits of knowing His word in order to serve the greater law of harvest as an evangelist and a preacher of His word. We must sow seed according to who God says we are and according to what He has said we reap in our lives for the life-giving benefits of others. We don’t sow so that we might reap. We sow so that we will reap the harvest that God has shown us. We must find out what God has said about us and then we must sow the things that reap that result. It might mean that we have to study in some sort of school. We might have to sow time, money, study, love, mercy, faithfulness, or any other thing to see the reality of lesser things that only contribute to the fullness of what God has said.

It is God in His heaven who determines the seasons and the times. The seasons and the times do not determine God’s presence or God’s purpose. God sets the signs in the heavens to serve His purpose in the earth. It is the signs of heaven that determine the harvest on the earth. We must find our faith to sow from the presence of God and the signs in His heaven. Our reaping of our harvest has nothing to do with what is going on in the natural realm. Our reaping is dependent upon what God decrees from His heavenly throne. The natural realm will line up with God’s decree from heaven if we are faithful to respond to God’s season, not ours.



Ted J. Hanson

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