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Today I am writing from Wichita, Kansas. We had a great service yesterday morning and I am looking forward to a couple more days here. I will be sharing on the word of God for 2016 on Tuesday night here and I am very expectant in my spirit.

The manifest presence of Christ in the heart of the Church is the power of heaven’s decree for the testimony of God’s kingdom coming and His will being done on earth as it is in heaven. That testimony is one of Zion, a place where the human heart becomes empowered by the Word and the Spirit of God for the glory of God’s kingdom. It is a NOW moment that leads to further realities of God’s glory in the earth. God has done great things in the past, but He is doing even greater things in our day. The enemy of NOW is holding too tight to what God did in the past and the enemy of TOMORROW is despising the things of the past. A scribe instructed concerning the things of the kingdom of heaven draws from their treasure things that have never been seen, heard, or thought before and also things that are antique and lost even before their time.

Matthew 13:52   Then He said to them, “Therefore every scribe instructed concerning the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure things new and old.”

It is natural for young people to dream dreams and for older people to have vision in life. We start out with many dreams and those dreams can become sparks to something that leads to a clear vision in life. That vision then becomes something that we live for, but in the world that vision is often exhausted in one generation. It is not successive in its measure of inheritance. It becomes a thing of success, but it fails to be a thing of great significance. The things of the vision can be inherited by the next generation, but unless the spirit of that vision is inherited the things of the inheritance will be spent by the next generation on other things of value. Inheritance is meant to expand in each generation, but unless the spirit of the inheritance is received the substance of the inheritance will be lost.

In the kingdom of God it is said that the Holy Spirit comes upon flesh and young people have visions and old people dream dreams. I believe in the spiritual reality of dreams and visions, as experiences empowered by the Spirit of God. I have had many dreams and visions inspired by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, but what about a dream in life or a vision in life? I believe that the Holy Spirit wants to give the young in the kingdom of God vision and He wants to anoint the old to dream again. This means that the old will believe for things that cannot be accomplished in their own lifetimes and the young will embrace things that are beyond their own ability to understand. In this there will have to be a partnership of faith, hope, and love. Faith has to do with things that cannot be seen naturally and it works through love. Hope has to do with believing the One who loves us and then daring to dream for what has not yet happened. Our hope is in the One who gives dreams and who has the power to make them come to pass. Our hope is not in the dreams, but in the One who is the source. When this happens things will be built, raised up, and made new in a testimony of increasing glory in the earth. When our hope is in the One who is the beginning and the end our endings can become the beginning for another and our beginnings can become the endings for another generation. Both are valuable and both carry the substance of eternity when we put our hope in the Giver of dreams and visions in life.

What is the secret for transforming the natural tendency of young dreamers to become young people with vision? What is the secret to transforming the natural tendency of old visionaries to become old people with dreams? When the dreams of the young seek for the spirit of the vision of that which is old, then the dreams of the young become transformed to the substance of vision in the young. When the visions of the old seek for the spirit the dreams of the young, then the visions of the old are transformed to the substance of dreams in their hearts again.

How can these things happen? These things can only happen when the young who dream recognize the value of the spirit of the vision of the old and the vision of the old becomes a dream that fuels the vision of the young. The fuel of vision must transform the substance of the dreams to become vision! When the older generation allows the younger generation to catch the spirit of their vision as a dream, then the younger generations dream takes on the spirit of the older generations vision. This is when the dreams of the young can become vision because they have the spirit of that which is old. The same is true for transforming the vision of the old to the substance of a dream. The fuel of dreams must also transform the substance of vision to become a dream again. The old must recognize the value of the spirit of the dreams of the young so the vision they carry can be transformed to the substance of dreams again. The fuel of dreams in the fire of vision produces more dreams and the fuel of vision in the fire of dreams produces vision in the hearts of those who dream.



Ted J. Hanson

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