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Becoming a Life-Giver

Greetings; Today I am in Angola, Africa. I arrived this weekend and I am doing teaching and training on Properly Judging Prophetic Ministry, New Covenant, and Generational Leadership in various degrees and in various places. Yesterday was a great day … Continue reading

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Prophecy of March 3, 2018

Greetings, We had a great weekend of prophetic training at Christ Life Training and Abundant Life Church. We did training and in the midst of the weekend some unction came upon me to make a declaration concerning relevant prophetic grace … Continue reading

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Holy Spirit Guides Us to Truth

Greetings, Today I am in Bellingham. I had a great week being home and teaching with the Christ Life Training group. I was looking forward to being in my home church yesterday, but a  head cold kept me at home. … Continue reading

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Holy Spirit Brings Good News

Greetings; Today I am on my way home after many wonderful days in Portugal. I was able to video record two more courses for use with Portuguese speaking communities in many countries. The project is moving forward! Now I am … Continue reading

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Can a Christian Be Deceived?

Greetings, Today I am headed home after a great weekend in Deming, New Mexico with CitiLife Church. It was a blessed weekend as we gathered for prayer, were challenged to be disciples of Christ, and inspired to find true satisfaction … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit Convicts

Greetings, Wow! What a great week! We started our training process with Christ Life Training and then we had a fantastic weekend with the great folks of Canada in Castlegar, British Columbia. God was good and life was in the … Continue reading

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2018 – A Season of Shoots and Fruits

Greetings, It was great to be home for the holidays and great to be able to share in my home church yesterday. I was blessed to share a message on finding satisfaction in life. I am very hopeful for the … Continue reading

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Jesus Greatest Gift!

Greetings, Merry Christmas! The gift of Jesus grants us all the gift of Holy Spirit in our lives. This is the goodness of Christ to all men. God is in us, with us and upon us is the blessing of an … Continue reading

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Drinking the Cup of Life

Greetings, I have just landed in Seattle after a great week in Spain and a great weekend in Clay Cross, England. God is stirring the hearts of people to desire Him and to become Christ centered communities of His presence. … Continue reading

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Disciples of the Holy Spirit

Greetings, Today I am in Spain doing prophetic training and activation with the G42 students. I am here, hoping France will send my luggage this way shortly, ha ha. I had a great weekend in Utrecht, Netherlands with a great … Continue reading

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