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Disciples of the Holy Spirit

Greetings, Today I am in Spain doing prophetic training and activation with the G42 students. I am here, hoping France will send my luggage this way shortly, ha ha. I had a great weekend in Utrecht, Netherlands with a great … Continue reading

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Unity by the Spirit for Heavenly Things

Greetings, I enjoyed a great day back in my home church, Alife, in Bellingham, Wa. We were blessed to have Brad Jersak speaking at Alife in regard to being refractors of the many facets of God. Even as Jesus was, … Continue reading

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Thank You For Your Support

Thank You, Thank you so much to those of you who have been able to contribute to our cause. In this past year I have been in the Netherlands, Ireland, Wales, England, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Angola, Canada,and again in … Continue reading

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