Relationships Are About Giving


Last week I was in Spain where we had a fantastic gathering of pastors and leaders for our RIM connection. God showed up in a BIG way and we were all very blessed. There were 30 adults and some additional family. It was an intimate, life-filled time with one another and with a very tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. I have now started here in Angola, Africa in training some wonderful hungry men and women in Hearing God’s Voice. Did a radio program yesterday, morning services, and started our training on Hearing God. It is going to be a full and fruitful week.

Last week I began to address the value of relationship in a culture of honor. Covenant relationships are not about getting; they are about giving life to another because you value who another is. Each of us are a one and only and when we understand the value of each one we give our lives to one for the sake of something greater in this world.

Relationships are not about our needs being met, they are about finding God-ordained, God-purposed, and God-fulfilling lives of destiny that bear the fruit of relationship in the generations beyond our lives. Even in marriage, the relationship of marriage is not merely about finding love that fulfills my needs, whether those needs be legitimate or perceived to be legitimate in their nature. Relationships bear the fruit of life beyond the life of that relationship.

God loves all people. He even loves us when we become confused in our thinking. God loves us, but He hates our deceptions. It is unrighteousness and wickedness that surpasses the truth with its lie. This is not people, but the traps that cause people to be bound to a life.

Romans 1:18-19 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. 

God does not hate homosexuality because of homosexuality. He hates homosexuality in the same way He hates fornication. He doesn’t hate homosexuals or fornicators. He hates the thing that destroys true covenant relationship that bear the fruit of relationship into the generations beyond their lives. In the same way, God hates someone going from church, to church, to church, to church to satisfy their personal needs. In the same way, He hates someone going from marriage, to marriage, to marriage, to marriage to meet their own needs. In the same way, He hates taking human beings and transforming them into a picture, looking at the picture and taking, taking, taking, taking. Embracing pornography is embracing a belief that destroys the value of relationship. It transforms what should be found in a covenant of relationship into something that meets the selfish needs of personal flesh. It sets a foundation in the hearts and minds of people that true relationship is meant to satisfy the needs of our flesh, our soul, or even the needs of our own spirit. The motive and agenda in such things is one of personal gratification. It is a distain and a destructive force to covenant relationships. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we enter into relationships for wrong reasons and then God brings a revelation and turns it into right reasons.  In reality we probably all enter into relationships for wrong reasons and in the midst of the journey God gives a revelation of what the relationship really is. It usually comes after we have hurt one another for a while. When it becomes impossible God says, “Good, I am glad it is impossible. It is about time you realize how valuable relationship really is.”

You were not born to receive the blessing of love that comes from another. You were not born to simply be satisfied by some form of love that touches your emotions or meets some physical need. You were born to give your life to someone else and for someone else. Just like when you have a revelation of who God is and you worship Him, He wants you to have a revelation of what life is and then He wants you to give your life to one. When you give your life to one you begin to understand that the value of life is one and only. This is called marriage and in marriage the foundation for a family is established. The fruit of that family will understand the value of ‘one’ divinely joined by God in life.

A revelation of relationship and marriage is a perfect example of the value of ‘one’, but it is not limited to marriage. We all come from human cultures that do not have the value of one. People in the world are not bad people; they are confused people. In the cultures of the world we become confused. We lack a revelation of relationship, thinking that relationship is something we get from others. We turn relationship into shopping, like shopping for new clothes. In America we even have the ability to try clothes on before we buy them. This ‘need oriented’ and ‘self-satisfaction’ thinking has even entered into our relationships with people. we try human beings before we buy them. How do we know they will meet our needs unless we try them out first? We enter into relationship where the other is meeting our needs. We do that for a few months or a few years until one day our needs are not being met, so like an old piece of clothing we give it away to some charity organization or we simply donate it to someone on the street. Then we reason, “It is a good thing we didn’t get married.” “It is a good thing we didn’t make covenant because we weren’t really meant for one another.” This is the way of the cultures of the world.

This kind of thinking affects our commitments in and as the church. We try this church out or that church out, saying God told us to go there. After a while we begin to reason that God sent us there, but God didn’t really mean go there. He meant, “go there and get your needs met ­– try it out. See if it will meet your needs. How do you know if these people are the people who will meet your needs unless you try them out? How do you know this brother or even this pastor is any good unless you try them out?” Then one day, who the pastor is or who some other member of the community is reveals something in you that is a challenge to who you are and now you decide that you are more valuable than that other person is. You decide that he or she is not worthy of your relationship, so you begin to think about going to another family. You stay in the family, but you listen to messages from another family and you compare what you are hearing in that family with this family. When you do this you invite another vision, thus you create di-vision. You are committing adultery. You are thinking about it. You are practicing adultery and your relationship is being buried in the ground of natural understanding.

My wife and I have been married for more than 39 years. We do not have a written law of you shall not commit adultery. No, every year we grow as givers. I am becoming more like her and she is becoming more like me and neither of us are the same as we were when we got married. The children in our family were born knowing the value of relationship. They have watched their parents and not all has been easy, but always the final decision is we give to the other. I remember when my wife and I were first married. We would get into a debate and of course I was right and she was wrong (ha, ha). Sometimes I was right. Sometimes I would walk out the door, because I didn’t want to be angry. I am so glad that God gave me the grace to hear Him. The moment I walked out the door God would say, “I want you to go back and apologize to your wife.” And I would say, “Yes, but I am right.” He would then say, “I don’t care.” I would go back and say, “honey I am sorry. I am sorry I made you feel that way. I am sorry I said that.” Then I would make an attempt to understand why she thought the way she thought. A wise pastor taught me that in a covenant relationship when you turn your back on your partner and you take one step away you are practicing divorce. You are practicing divorce until you get so good at it it’s no longer an act. It has become real in its division and death. You might issue a certificate of divorce, but the divorce happened long before. If you ever find yourself turning your back to a covenant relationship and taking a step away, turn around and take a step to return.

Adultery comes because we think relationships are to meet our needs, but relationship allows each of us to be a blessing to another. When two people have this revelation it is supernatural and it works on good days and bad. It works on days when they feel like it and on days when they don’t. The result will be fruit that values relationship.



Ted J. Hanson

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Honor For Relationship


Today I have arrived in Spain after a great week in Portugal. Bonnie is with me and we enjoyed good friends in Portugal. Now we are with several pastors and leaders for a few days of RIM gathering before I head to Angola, Africa on Friday. I know it will be a great week with God and and one another.

I have been addressing the subject of honor in the community of God. To be an expression of God’s community in the earth we must value who God is. He gives us life, breath, and all things. We must value being loved by Him and loving Him. A community of God is made of members who value God’s will above their own. A culture of honor values God’s presence before knowing His purpose, but also embraces His purpose as a responsibility of inheritance in life. A culture of honor gives value to human life. When we place another human being in a vulnerable position of trust and we seek to take their life we are violating the honor of human life. This is murder. When we look in the mirror we must remember who we are. We are children of God made in the likeness and the image of our Father in heaven. This leads to another value of honor. We must honor relationships.

Exodus 20:14 You shall not commit adultery

Jesus said to the people of God, the Pharisees, that they must value a relationship with God more than their perceived ideas of His laws and commands. Their desire for the law above a willingness to know Him inspired Jesus to call them adulterers. He related their hate for Him to the sin of adultery. Paul revealed that the Old Covenant relationship with the law was only meant to point to the day when men could finally have an intimate relationship with God by grace. To hold on to the Law in a day of grace was to commit the sin of adultery.

There is a relationship that is a model relationship of God and His church. The relationship of a man and a woman, a husband and a wife, is a relationship that God calls one flesh. God is the one who authorized the covenant of marriage. In marriage two individuals become one individual made of two parts with all of the possibilities of failure. The deepest most intimate relationship that exists in all of creation is a relationship connected by spirit, soul, and body. Marriage is a covenant where two different spirits, two different souls, and two different bodies are put together in one relationship that is to be inseparable. When it is embraced for what it is meant to be, it cannot be separated. It is not to be destroyed by the diversity that is found in each partner, but made one in greatness by the joining of the two. Marriage is sanctioned by God as the guarantee of the future. The marriage covenant is dependent upon a revelation of giving, for without a revelation of giving the two cannot become one. There is no room for an attitude of getting. If an attitude of ‘what do I get’ comes into this relationship, the relationship fails. This relationship is God’s means of filling the world with life. Two different things, one male and one female. Two different kinds of spirits. Two different kinds of souls. Two different kinds of bodies. Different than any other creature. Triune in their makeup. Like animals in their natural reality, but like God in spirit reality. They are made spirit-natural – spiritual. They are not like created things, such as animals, that can only become excellent examples of natural beings. They are not like angels, who are only spirit, who can only become excellent examples of spirit beings. These human beings are to be spirit-natural, bringing God’s Spirit to the natural realities of the world. God’s means of doing this is relationship – covenant relationship. When one partner and another partner come together they are fruitful. When one gives and the other gives, something new lives. When one gives and the other takes something dies. When one takes and the other takes, everything dies. When one says, I have come into this relationship for you to meet my needs and the other says, I have come into this relationship for you to meet my needs; that self-gratifying agenda of each causes death to prevail to the destruction of the covenant. When each individual lives for their own gratification, something is going to die. After a process of time in taking, taking, and taking, an individual will discover that this kind of desire can never be satisfied. They will begin to look elsewhere to get their needs met. When someone embraces a pattern of seeking a relationship to meet their own needs, they are entertaining adultery. This is a perversion of true relationship. True relationship is not about what one gets, it is about what one gives to another. A giving relationship is dependent upon God’s miraculous love.

We have a need for relationship, not so our needs will be met. We have a need for relationship because we were born to meet the needs of others. When God joins us in a covenant love we become empowered to be a blessing, to give greater value to another, to bear fruit that is beyond what we are today, and to be a blessing to the world around us. The foundation for true relationship is self-gratification. It is a world-impacting, world-changing power of life! A culture of honor doesn’t commit adultery because a culture of honor understands the value of relationship.


Ted J. Hanson

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An Honor For Human Life


Today I am headed for Portugal after a great week at home with my family and friends. It was a great weekend with the joining of Jonathan and Alyssa Smith in marriage and then a great Sunday hearing my friend Andrew Shearman sharing the treasures of his heart. The community of home and the community of family was good!

A culture of honor is a revelation of values. Honor is a recognition of who someone is and a giving of attitude and action that acknowledges your recognition of who they are. A culture of honor exhibits an attitude and an acknowledgment to the value of who God is, the value of worship and loving God, the value of God’s will and the testimony of His name, the value of God’s presence resting in our lives, and the value of inheritance – the legacy of our family name. Honoring our father and mother is a valuing of inheritance and honoring that authority is an honor both to God and to man. This is the bridge between loving God and loving others as we love ourselves. Today I want to address another value in a culture of honor. It is the value of human life. This value is expressed in a simple command found in the words of God through Moses.

Exodus 20:13 You shall not murder.

This is very simply. This looks like a command, but it is a value. The first act of sin of man toward man was one of murder. Cain was jealous of his brother Able and took his life, thinking that eliminating his brother would make himself more valuable in the earth. There were issues of iniquity in Cain’s heart that led to his act of murdering his brother. Those iniquities blinded Cain from understanding the true value of human life. Cain was not defending life, but seeking to take it for the sake of his own indulgent desires. His actions were the ultimate expression of human selfishness and a cheapening of human value. Honoring the image of ourselves above the likeness and image of God in another human person is a dishonor with grave consequences.

When my mother was pregnant with me she was almost 47 years old. She had problems with diabetes, a heart condition and when complications began to manifest during her pregnancy with me, she was counseled by five doctors that they needed to do something to save her life. This would include taking the baby that was in her womb. This was before abortion was legal in the U.S., but sometimes life-saving measures were necessary. My mom had nine living children and a tenth child before me had died at birth. His name was Joel. When she became pregnant with me she felt that God had given her a gift. She believed that God had given her a child to replace the one she had lost. She told the doctors, “No, this child is a gift from God.” They said if she carried the child she may die, the child would likely die, and if the child were to live it would never be normal. My mom refused to give up that child! She valued the gift of life, even at the risk of her own life! My mom’s honor for life prevailed for herself and her child. My mom did live through that childbirth. I was born early with some challenges in my breathing and I was placed in an incubator to compensate for my need for further development. I remained in that incubator for a month, but I made it and I am now 61 years old and I am very happy that my mother valued my life even to the risk of her own.

I knew that story growing up and I understood something of the value of life. In America, in 1973, there were many debates over whether abortion should be legal or not. In those debates they presented that thousands of women were dying because abortion was not legal. Those reports were greatly exaggerated in order to pass legislation that granted legal right to the deception of abortion in our country. During this time of the debate on the legalization of abortion I was in school. Many teachers love to debate political issues. I had a political science class and my teacher allowed debates in the class in regard to legalizing abortion or not. I was not a Christian. I was just a young man that knew the story of my birth. I went to my teacher and gave him a scenario. “Let’s say there is a woman who is almost 47 years old, diabetic, with a heart condition and five doctors recommend the baby be taken because she is likely to die, the baby is going to likely die, and if by some means the baby survives it will likely never be normal.” His answer to me was, “abortion”. I reached out and took his hand and said, “Congratulations, you just ended my life. That was my mother and that was me.” By the same criteria the life of Beethoven would have been ended. By this measure the life of Helen Keller would have been rejected. By the same criteria the life of a man named Nick Vujicic would have been ended. Nick has no arms and no legs, but he speaks to thousands of teenagers in regard to valuing who they are. His message is that every human life is beautiful and every human life should be loved. By the standards of the world there is something wrong with Nick, but he knows he could never speak to the thousands that he does had he been like everyone else. He knows he has been given a gift to talk to others about the value of life. I know some people who have an extra chromosome in their physical DNA and they are down syndrome. I know them to be loving, caring, and special people with a special grace for life in the human race. Each and every human is a life of great value and each and every human is meant to reveal something of the likeness and image of a heavenly Father.

In John Chapter 9 there is a story of a man who was born blind from birth. Those living in a culture bound to a mindset of law wanted to know who had sinned for the man to be blind. Jesus pointed out that the man was not blind because of anyone’s sin. He was blind for the glory of God. God loved the man just as he was and had come to show him who life really depends upon. The only One Jesus, had come to show the blind man he too was an ‘only one’ to God. I don’t believe that sight was the true miracle in the story, because when Jesus was questioned by the religious for healing the blind man on the Sabbath Jesus said to them, “For judgment I have come into this world, that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may be made blind.” Those who saw thought judgment was marked by an abnormal life. They reasoned that if there was something wrong with you then someone has obviously done something wrong. But who said that if you are blind there is something wrong with you? Is there a challenge? Absolutely! Can there be more freedom? Absolutely! Does the blind man have skills that those who can see do not have? Absolutely! He sees in a different way. He doesn’t see with his eyes. He probably hears things those with eyes never realize can be heard. He probably senses things that others miss in their everyday surroundings. The blind man, like everyone, was an ‘only one’ and God wanted to reveal to him the value of who he was. God wants each and every human life to depend upon Him so He can show each and every one the true value of who they really are.

The blind man had a revelation of God’s love. He was dependent upon Jesus, because he could now see. His dependence was not birthed from need, but from passion. He knew that without Jesus he would still be blind and He also knew that it was Jesus who showed him how valuable his own life was to God. God had taken the time to find the blind man, because the blind man couldn’t see God to find Him.

Jesus had also come for the Pharisees. He came to destroy their dependence upon the law. He came to destroy what they could see so they would depend upon the one they could not see. He wanted each of them to know that they too were an ‘only one’ to God. Who each of them were was more important than what each one could or could not do.

You shall not murder is a testament to the value of each and every life. A value for life is a part of a culture of honor and each and every one is an ‘only one’ to God. For this reason, God gave His only begotten Son to die as the price of value for each and every child of God! You are not just one in seven billion. You are a one and only one. This is your value and this is the value of your neighbor. It can only be understood in a culture of honor that knows that each and every one has been born to reveal something of the likeness and image of their heavenly Father in this world.



Ted J. Hanson

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Honor for the Family Name


I hope you are all well. I have to say that I am very fine. I had an appointment in the forest yesterday and my heavenly Father blessed me with a beast! I reaped a nice 5×5 elk bull with my black powder gun yesterday and it looks like good eats for the next year. No more beef for me! May Dad gave me a beast of all that He owns! (Ps. 50:10).

Honor your father and mother that your days may be long. Whose days? Honor for your father and your mother is an honor for the testimony, authority, inheritance, and destiny of your family name. This would be true for those who have good parents who understand these things and it would also true for those who have abusive parents, absent parents, or apathetic parents. Knowing who we are is not dependent upon a former generation knowing who they were, but knowing who we are will empower successive generations to become all that they should be.

The days of your family name are meant to be long in the earth. They are meant to bring about changes for life and an influence of life to the perpetual generations of your family name. The days of your father, mother, brother, sisters, and you are meant to bring an increasing influence of life in the earth. This would even be true for a Christ-life community birthed by God in the earth. There are few churches that understand this honor. I believe that the church I am part of and used to pastor is growing in this understanding, but even what I did as a pastor was the result of what someone else did before me.

By the grace of God, I am discovering what it means to honor your father and mother that your days may be long in the earth. In the church I pioneered I chose to honor those who were before me. This included those I knew and those I did not know before my time. He told me that I was not His first choice, I was not His second choice, I was not His third choice, I was not His fourth choice ­– I was His first choice. This implied that I was number five, or perhaps simply in the place of grace for what is now, since five is a prophetic symbolism for grace. There could have been a hundred before me, but God was now appointing me to be a householder of the family name. When God spoke to me in regard to my journey of inheritance He implied that there were many before me, but that I was now the householder He was calling upon to be scribe in the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 13:52 Then He said to them, “Therefore every scribe instructed concerning the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure things new and old.”

God gave me something that belongs to our family. Inherence is given to us and it must be received with a vision and focus of expanding its influence in the earth. It is not given to us to spend upon ourselves. Inheritance is given to change the world. Inheritance is not given to pay our bills. Inheritance is given to create a world where there is no debt. Inheritance includes a family authority, a family anointing, a family inheritance, and a family will. Our food is to do the will of God in the earth. Our food is what we feed upon and what feeds us to be strong in the fullness of life. Our food is to do the will of God in the earth as a part of a family inheritance for the Father’s glory.

We get to walk this out in the community culture of Christ. It is bigger than any single church or ministry. It is bigger than any individual family. It has to do with the families of the world. It is a family filled with beliefs and valuable things that inspire actions that empower imaginations that result in global influences. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood. We wrestle against influences, powers of expanding imaginations, and illegitimate actions that are rooted in beliefs that are the seat and authority to propagate those illegitimate forces of evil. Illegitimate beliefs inspire rulers, actions, and controllers that seek to expand upon those illegitimate beliefs of death. The illegitimate beliefs in the hearts of men create a stronghold of wickedness in heavenly places. Illegitimate beliefs are based upon lies and deceptions in the hearts and minds of men. Those beliefs create family cultures, tribal cultures, and national cultures that resist the true culture of the kingdom of heaven.

All cultures of the world are based upon lies and deceptions, but all are meant to be expressions of one family inheritance. All of humanity is meant to walk in a family anointing and authority that is different than the way humanity naturally thinks. We must embrace the culture of the kingdom of God and allow the culture of the kingdom of God to change the way we are as families in the earth. The substance of our inheritance comes from the kingdom of God.

I have an inheritance in the area of family, marriage, relationships, and new covenant life and grace. It is based upon the word and Spirit that has changed what I believed before to what I believe today. You can only receive the inheritance of a family if you honor that family and its inheritance. The churches I work with get different measures of who I am. Each church only receives what they recognize I have as a God inheritance. To the degree they recognize it, they can receive it. To the degree that they don’t recognize what it is that I carry of inheritance, they don’t receive it. This is how it is in a family name.

When God sends us leaders he sends them to help us change our beliefs because God wants to give us an inheritance. We don’t war against principalities to pull them down, we must raise up stronger influences by demolishing the place of their standing with a stronger hold for new standing. We must become an expression of the family of God in a way of inheritance. The beliefs or our hearts must change, the actions or our lives will then change, then the imaginations of our hearts will change and our influence will manifest to bring changes in the earth.

Wherever there is a manifestation of the body of Christ there is a destruction of the bodies of the enemy. If you want the devil to leave your city, focus on the body of Christ. If you want to get rid of the things that are wrong in your city, focus on the body of Christ. Focus on the family of God. Honor your father and your mother that your days may be long in the earth. We must become a generational manifestation of the family name.



Ted J. Hanson

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Honor Your Father and Mother


Today I am headed home after a great conference and ministry time in Porto Rico. Thank you to all of my friends here for being hungry for what God wants. I pray that God will guide you all to the now expressions of life in Christ’s kingdom. Let the body of Christ rise up in this land!

So far I have addressed four values found in a culture of honor as revealed in Exodus chapter 20. Our honor is first to God, for He is the One who brings salvation and the liberty of life in every day and in every way. Secondly, as the likeness and the image of God our Father, we have a need to worship Him. We don’t worship Him to get His blessing. We worship Him to be like Him. When we worship Him it changes our world. Thirdly, we are a family of purpose in this world. We bear God’s family name and we must never take His name in vain. We honor His character, nature, way, power, and authority in all that we are and do. Fourthly, we are a place where God rests in this world. Every aspect and every season of our lives begins with God’s presence in and with us. It is from a relationship with God that we face the challenges of our lives. We find our identity in Him, thus we can give identity to all that we touch in this world. Now we come to a fifth characteristic of a culture of honor.

Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”

Of the ten values of honor in these commandments, this is a very unique one. It is number five and it is a bridge between two testimonies. Jesus said that the Law could be summed up in two commandments. The first was to love God with all your heart, soul and strength and the second was to love your neighbor as yourself. These ten things that are revealed in these commandments can be said in two statements. Love God with all your spirit, soul and life and in the same way love your neighbor as you love yourself. This fifth value of honoring our father and our mother is a bridge between loving God and loving people. This is the bridge to know the value of who we are and the value of knowing the value of one another. It has to do with the family name.

A family begins when a father and mother come together and the fruit of their love produces a baby. That baby grows up and becomes an adult who finds another adult, they marry and become one and have a baby. The same pattern repeats over and over again and there is an expansion of families in the earth. This is the reason a man leaves his father and mother. But in each generation the family name increases. That family name includes a family testimony, a family authority, a family inheritance, and a family purpose.

When something comes into the earth at a third and fourth generation it becomes an influence that establishes a permanence and an expansion of certain values. The world is smarter at this than the church. I have found that very often the church doesn’t live for a third and fourth generation, but the world does. In the world there are even strategies of control and manipulation behind the scenes to produce a change in the culture of the people in a third and fourth generation pattern. I am not advocating for a strategy of control or manipulation to be embraced by the church, but I am presenting that there is need to embrace the inheritance of family that has the power to transform the influences of the world.

The parabolic story of the father and the prodigal son is not a story about a prodigal son. It is the story of a dad and two boys. It is a story about a family, a family name, and a family business. In the story the father in the family knows who he is. He knows the value and the purpose of the family name. He knows his purpose and his destiny in the earth. He knows the possibilities and realities of the future, but who he is and his influence in the earth requires a revelation in the hearts and minds of his sons. He cannot impose his inheritance upon his sons. He can only invite them to desire it and to receive it, because inheritance is given to those who receive it. It cannot be taken and it cannot be given against someone’s will. If it is taken the purpose of the inheritance fails and something less than destiny transpires. Without an honor of father and mother the testimony, authority, inheritance, and destined legacy of the family name falls dead into the soil of today. The destiny of inheritance can only be expanded in the earth when its value is recognized and honored by the successive generations.

In the story of this dad and two sons, the youngest son came to the age of inheritance and he didn’t understand honor for the family inheritance. He didn’t know who he was. This was likely because the other four things I have addressed where lacking in his life. The younger son has come to the age where he can be given a share in the family inheritance and he asks his father for his portion. The problem is, the son doesn’t know what to do with it. He doesn’t know the purpose of the inheritance. The father knows, but he agrees to give the son’s portion of inheritance to him. The son then leaves home and he squanders his portion on crazy living. He loses it all and he has to get a job. He finds himself in a position of doing the unthinkable for a young Jewish man. He has lost his family pride and has now become willing to obtain a job feeding pigs. He finds himself in a situation where the pigs serves are eating more food than him and he even thinks that the pigs are eating better than himself. He remembers that on his dad’s farm the workers were treated better than the way he was being treated. He reasons in his mind that he will go back to his dad and beg for a job. He no longer believes that he has a right to be a son to his father and he just simply wants to get a job working for his dad as a servant.

Back home the father is still the father and the family name is still the family name with all the destiny of the family. The younger son doesn’t know it, but every day the father has been at the edge of the road looking to see if his son is coming home. The father doesn’t know if his son is a success or a failure. He doesn’t know if he’s gotten married or if he is still single. He doesn’t know if he has a successful business or if he is in poverty. He doesn’t know if he has children or no children. He doesn’t know if he is straight or gay. In all of this, the father doesn’t care. The family name is still the family name. Not once has he thought that his son is not his son anymore. The father was just waiting for his son to come home. One day he sees his son afar off and he runs to embrace him. When he reaches him he kisses him and hugs him with great love. He didn’t ask him any questions about what he had done, he didn’t care. He just wanted his son home in the family business. By the time he reached the son he could probably smell him, but it didn’t matter if he smelled like pigs or expensive cologne. The son may have forgotten who he was, but the father had not forgotten who they were as a family. Upon embracing his son, the father orders his servants to bring the young man the father’s robe and put it on him. He told them to get his ring and put it upon the young man’s finger. He told them to get his sandals and put them on his son’s feet. He then instructed them to kill the cow they had been fattening for the feast and make a great feast. The father wanted the son to wear his anointing and testimony. He wanted him to bear the authority of the father’s name. He wanted him to walk in the father’s inheritance. The father wanted the son to eat the family’s best food – to be and do the will of the family in the earth. The father wanted the son to be a part of a family name that was to be long in the earth.

The older son heard the noise. He asked the servants what was going on. The servants said, You haven’t heard? Your brother who was missing has come home. Your dad has ordered we kill the fatted calf and celebrate! The older son likely thought, Dad is killing the cow that I have been feeding! He is giving the cow I have been waiting to eat to my unfaithful brother! I have cleaned its stalls of manure. I have been feeding it in preparation for the feast and now my dad is killing it and giving it to my brother. He goes to the father and expresses his frustration. I have done everything you required of me! I did everything you expected of me! I have been to church every Sunday and when there were special meetings I went to those as well! I have given tithes and offerings! I went to leadership training classes on Friday’s and Saturdays when others were going to parties and having fun! I went to morning prayer meetings. I did everything that was required in this family culture!

The father said, what are you talking about. It is not about any of those things. You could have this anytime you want. Do you know who we are son? We are the family of God and we are the source of an inheritance of life for the whole world!

In this story the father wanted both the younger and the older son to be part of his purpose in life. He wanted both of the sons to know the testimony, the authority, the inheritance and the purposed destiny of the father’s kingdom. The father’s testimony, authority, and inheritance were enough to celebrate every day with him if they desired. All they had to do was to honor the family inheritance for their days to be long in the earth.


Ted J. Hanson

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God Wants to Rest in You!


I just got home from a great weekend in Castlegar, BC, Canada. Thank you to all the hungry hearts in the Kootenays! God is good and His New Covenant life and GRACE is increasing in the earth! Henry Schmidt and I were blessed to be a part of what God did this past weekend with you all.

Life is about living with LIFE. God is LIFE! Jesus said that eternal life is to know God and Jesus Christ whom He sent. There are many things to do in life, but in order to do things in a life-giving way we must find ourselves living with LIFE and in LIFE!

When God created Adam there were many things that were yet to do in the earth. The earth needed someone to work the ground. The animals God created were to be named by Adam. Adam was to till and cultivate the ground. Before any of these things could be done, Adam had to experience the Sabbath rest of God in the earth and in his life. God formed Adam from the dust and He breathed in him the breath of life. This was God resting in Adam’s life. God planted a garden in the East, the place where the sun rises each day. It was there that Adam was to know the life-giving presence of God that inspires God-given purpose in every season of his destiny. The garden resided in a place that represented every new day to come. The sun does not really rise in the east, the earth simply rotates toward the sun and thus every day there is a new day. The earth bows to the direction of light and life and night becomes a new day. It looks like the sun rises, but the earth really moves towards the light and darkness vanishes each and every day. I believe that the garden of Eden was a place of turning towards God each and every day.

In the same way, the immovable One welcomes us to come to Him each day. We don’t need to pray for light to come, we just need to know we are good with Him and we can come to Him each and every day. Our day begins with the light of Christ. The Sabbath rest of God in our lives leads us to the place of knowing Him for the beginning of each and every task in our lives.

God told Adam to name all the animals. God didn’t tell him what to call them, but trusted Adam in what he would call them. Mankind is still finding species under the sea and in lands of the earth that need names. If you ever research this, you will find that many new species are discovered each year. There are many things in the earth that need to be given an identity. God trusted Adam to give identity to creatures that didn’t have an identity yet. Adam was to go tell the animals who they were, implying that is some way they didn’t know. Whatever identity Adam gave them; God was good with it.

Genesis 2:19 Out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name.

God wanted Adam to be creative with naming the animals. Adam could only do this if his day began with God resting in his life and he resting in God. Insecure people cannot give secure identities to things in the world. A secret to giving identity and purpose to the things we do is to first find our identity and purpose in God.

Even at the flood, God started again with mankind from a place of rest. He started with a man named Noah, a man whose name meant rest. God was good with Noah. Noah was righteous in his generations. God trusted Noah with the future of the world, because God could rest in his life. Noah wanted God! He was willing to do whatever God wanted him to do, because God was in his life. Noah didn’t build the ark to get God’s presence in his life. He had God’s presence in his life. His great grandfather Enoch had walked with God and one day he had simply gone to be with God and did not return to the earth. Noah was familiar with the story. His grandpa Methuselah knew very well what his father Enoch had done and he was alive to the days to the flood. Methuselah was alive until the year of the flood. I think he died before the flood, maybe the day before. Perhaps the son of God’s friend, Enoch, had to die before God could flood the earth. Maybe the rain could not come until Methuselah died. I think this is a testimony of how important relationship is to God. He desires to live with us, walk with us, and to show us His glory in all things.

Sabbath is a recognition that God rests in our lives.  We can go and do wonderful things when we know that God is with us. Jesus is our Sabbath. Concerning the things of shame, He said it is finished. Concerning the things of future, He said we have only just begun. He told His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, to submerge them into His identity. He told them to teach them as He had taught them. He said He would be manifestly with them always. These things are true for us today! Go! Go! Be! Disciple nations! Submerge them into His identity. Teach them! Disciple them! He is with us! He is resting in our lives. He didn’t say to go out and evangelize so He will show up in revival. He is revival and He is with us.

If we get a revelation of the Sabbath and this culture of honor it will change everything in our lives. It will change our marriages. When we understand the honor of the Sabbath we will know that every day of our marriage begins with the reality that God rests there. As husbands and wives we can be secure in our relationship with one another, because God rests with us. We can give identity to our children, because we know who we are.

There is no reason to go anywhere to discover who we are. If we travel the world to find out who we are, we may never discover who we are. We cannot travel from the place we are to discover what is already there. What gives us clear vision of who we are is an understanding of who lives with us. God lives with us. We can be alone, but never be alone. If we don’t know that God rests in our lives, we will find thousands and still be alone. We can do many jobs and be lonely. We can go to many countries and be lonely. But if we find Him we can be alone or in crowd anywhere and never be lonely. The secret is God resting in our lives. It will change our ability to be parents to our children and covenant partners in our relationships. We are already the substance of who we are and only when God rests in our lives can we fulfill who we are. We can name many animals and do many things. We will give identity to what we touch in this earth. To give identity we must first have identity. Our true identity comes from God resting in our lives.

When God rests in our lives we will never be lonely and we never need to go anywhere to find out who we are. Doing things doesn’t determine who we are. Who we live with determines who we are. There are many things we have to do. There are many animals to name. There are many places in the world that need identity, but the only way we can give them identity is if we let the One who gives identity to rest in our lives.

The Pharisees were all upset with Jesus understanding of the Sabbath. Didn’t Jesus know? You’re not supposed to work on the Sabbath. The Pharisees thought that the Sabbath was all about man not working, but in the original Sabbath man had never done any work to rest from. The Sabbath wasn’t about resting from work, but about experiencing the presence of the One who gives life for every situation that needs life. Man was not for the Sabbath; the Sabbath was for man. Man was not striving to rest. The Sabbath was God’s first gift to humanity in this earth beyond the gift of life. The knowledge that God lives with man was a gift given and God was not asking that anything be done first. God’s presence comes at Sabbath as the will of God in our lives and He doesn’t ask for anything to be done yet. He isn’t asking us to do anything and He is not interested in doing anything yet. Man’s day begins with God not interested in doing anything yet.

God, what do you want me to do today?  God says, I just want to rest with you for a moment. I just want to be with you. When He does that, blind eyes open! Sick people get healed! The Pharisees misinterpreted that. They thought these things were jobs, but they were simply the result of the presence of God resting in the life of Jesus.

We have all kinds of names for God; God the healer, God my banner, God my peace, or God my supply. These are all Old Covenant concepts of God. Yes, He can do all of these things. Let me make this very simple! Who is God the healer? He is our Father! Who is God our banner? He is God our Father! Who is God our supply? He is our Father! Where does our Father live? We are His house! He rests in us. The Sabbath is holy! We are holy! God lives in us! If we get a revelation of this, we will shift from thinking in terms of the Old Covenant to those of a New Covenant. When we come together instead of asking God to come to us it will be a release of God through us. God rests here! We are not waiting for the end of some religious service for God to rest. He was resting in our lives when we entered and He is resting in our lives when we leave. We are a place where God rests. These things are discovered in a culture that honors the Sabbath rest of God in their lives.



Ted J. Hanson

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The Sabbath Is Holy


Today I am writing from Bellingham. It is great to be home after being on the road for some time. I was blessed to speak at Everyone’s Church yesterday, but grateful that it was only a thirty-minute journey from my home. Family is great and I am a rich man with a wonderful wife, children and grandchildren around me. I am blessed!

Once again, I am going to continue on the topic of honor in the community of God. The Old Covenant revealed a shadow of the goodness we experience in Christ. What we have often thought of as ten commandments are a great description of a culture of honor. We must first see God for who He is. Honor is an action and an attitude that we express towards someone when we recognize who they are. Honor lives in the realm of truth and in the realm of love. It is a culture of nobility, of giving. God is first and He is the best. He is our deliverer, the One who gives us freedom. We have no other life sources. We give to Him first and we give Him our best. It is our way of life. It is a testimony of who we are.

We don’t worship anything that we create. We respond to who God is because we know who we are. We are expressions of Him. We don’t worship Him because He needs anything from us. We don’t even worship Him because we need something from Him. We don’t worship Him from insecurity, but security. He is good with us. He loves us. We respond to Him by telling Him we love Him. He walks into our room and gives gifts of His goodness. He changes our worlds.

We recognize that there is no separation between His world and ours. We are an expression of Him. We don’t take His name in vain. We honor His character, nature, way, power, and authority in all that we are and do. We are who we are for the testimony of who He is. It is part of our purpose. We are who we are and who we are is a testimony of His name.

A fourth attribute of culture of honor is found in Exodus 20:8-11 “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore, the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.

In the original creation the purpose of the Sabbath was not for man to rest from his labor, because man had not done any work. Man was created on day six and had not seen a day of work yet when the Sabbath day was created. Man’s first day was God’s seventh day in the creation of the earth. Man wasn’t looking for a break. He wasn’t thinking; My goodness, that was hard work! Wow, what a week! I am exhausted! I need a day off! Man hadn’t done any work yet! God had done all the work. The Sabbath wasn’t about working or not working for man.

The Sabbath day was about an experience with God. God was looking for a place to rest. Man’s week was about to begin, but God determined a place for His presence to rest in the earth. That place was with men. A new week was about to happen where man would have to work and God wanted man’s first experience to be one of God’s favor, blessing, and manifested presence. God wanted man’s first experience with Him to be one of no shame, no condemnation and no separation from Him. His heart towards each and every man could be expressed as: You haven’t earned anything. You haven’t worked hard to get Me to love you. You haven’t done anything. You haven’t accomplished a great business or established a great church or ministry. You haven’t plowed any fields or planted any crops. There are many animals and they don’t have any names. There is plenty to do, but it is not time to do anything yet. You need to know who I and you are first before I put you to work. There is something more important than a job. It is not about being lazy, but about being filled with My presence in order to accomplish your purpose. My presence in your life is going to give you vision, focus, energy, and great passion.

God’s presence in your life is going to determine what you do in life. What you do in life is not going to determine God’s presence in your life. In all that you do, you cannot make God better or worse. God doesn’t need you to rest from something you have not done or even done. He does not need to rest, but He wants to rest with you so that you can know true freedom and life. It is from that refreshing place that you can do anything. You will be able to do exceedingly way beyond anything you could ask or think. Even on a day that looks like God is asleep, He has more power than the fiercest dragon in all the earth. God wants you to know Him in His weakest moment in your life. He wants you to know Him from a place of contentment so you can know Him in any place of desperation that may come. He wants to rest in your life. If you know that God rests in your life and you go to work you are not going to work really hard so He will approve of you. You aren’t going to strive to gain His favor. You already have His approval. You already have His favor. He lives in your house. He lives in your world. He wants you to do great things, but you do not do things to please Him because He is not pleased with you. You do things to please Him because you have a revelation of how pleased He already is with you. This is the Sabbath day and it is holy to the Lord. The Sabbath is an experience with Him as a person.



Ted J. Hanson

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True To His Name


I have just finished a great week in Wales, Oldham, England, and a weekend in Clay Cross, England. Sorry for the late blog posting, but internet connection was a problem when I needed to post the blog. God is good and it a blessing to see His presence, goodness, and blessing at work in the lives of people around the world. Yesterday I was at a wedding of a daughter of a good friend here. It should be a great day!

Last week I addressed the honor of knowing who we are in the purpose of God. We bear His family name and we must never take His name in vain. Sometimes we think that just adding His name to certain things we say or do is the magic formula for His blessing, but His name is really the character, nature, way, power, and authority in all that we are and do. We should realize that everything we do we do as Him, not merely for Him. Everything that Jesus did as a man He did as a testimony of who His Father was in heaven.

I believe that we do a lot of things in Jesus name that are not in his name. Jesus did everything that the Father told Him to do, but the Father didn’t tell Him often. Most of the time He simply did what He saw the Father doing. He only did those things which were true to the character, nature, way, power, and authority of His Father in heaven. His expressions in life were a testimony of the family name. He didn’t do things that were not true to the character, nature, way, power, and authority of His Father. When he did something it was the Father doing it. He would heal a sick person and you would know that the Father heals. I don’t find any place where Jesus said be healed in the name of the father. He never said, In the name of the Father, bread be multiplied!  In the name of the Father, go get the water and bring it to me. In the character, nature, way, power, and authority of the Father, water be wine. He didn’t give that explanation. He didn’t hang on the cross and say, in the name of the Father be forgiven. He simply forgave and it was true to His Father’s way. The substance of who He was rang true to the substance of who His Father was. He understood the testimony of the family name!

In the way that Jesus represented His Father’s name He also never misrepresented the Father. His desires and actions were true to the legitimate character of God. He never said, Father do you want me to stop loving them?  That would be an illegitimate question. Father do you want me to forgive them? That would be an illegitimate question for a Son of God to ask His dad. So if a child of God asks their father; do you want me to forgive them? That is not a question for a child of God to ask. It is not true to the character, nature, way, power or authority of God the Father. Father, do you want me to forsake them now? That is not a question a child of God would ask God. We have a Father who will never leave us or forsake us. Questions invoking the breaking of covenants or the forsaking of love are not questions a child of God should ask.

We have this thing we do to justify the flaw in our character. We say, be healed in Jesus Name, be multiplied in Jesus Name, or be forgiven in Jesus Name. Jesus didn’t say that if we forgive people in His name they will be forgiven. He said if we forgive people they will be forgiven. If we are busy adding His name to things we think are in His name pretty soon we start doing things we want and we add His name to it. I forsake you, in Jesus name. I abandon my children and no longer work, in Jesus name. I cannot forgive you, in Jesus name. I curse you, in Jesus name. I despise you, in Jesus name. I command you off the face of the planet, in Jesus name. I declare there is no future and hope for you again, in Jesus name. Be possessed, in Jesus name. Be sick, in Jesus name. None of these things can possibly be in Jesus name! Sky be purple, in Jesus name. Drug addiction be not harmful, in Jesus name. Adultery be not harmful, in Jesus name. After all I made a mistake. I married the wrong partner in my name, there is the right one, in Jesus name. The four children that I have with four different women was in my name, but this new one is surely in Jesus name. I want to try it new and just have sex a couple of times, in Jesus name. It is ok! I know, I have the Spirit of God and I feel in love. I was deceived before, but I love this one and in the sight of God we are already in Jesus name. These are all ridiculous confessions that are indicative of ridiculous thinking. We must remember who we are! We are the family of God and we must not take His name in vain!

What is God saying? I want you to have a culture of honor. I want you to know who I am. I want you to know who you are. I want you to know the effect of us together in all that you are and do. These are not commandments. These are realities of who we are. I still say in Jesus name but to be honest I think that it is often a religious form. It is not necessarily wrong to say, but I think I have done some things that weren’t in His name and I blamed Him and I added Jesus name to it. I am not saying to stop saying in Jesus name, but It is really in Jesus name? There is not anything about our lives that is not about His name. Let’s not take His name in vain! In this we can expect His kingdom to come and His will to be done upon the earth, because we are His family. We are His family and as He is holy, so are we!



Ted J. Hanson

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Taking His Name In Vain


Today I am writing from Wales, where I am blessed to be with good friends of many years. Sometimes the best days are the simple days of lasting friendship. Thanks to Graham and Chris for your long-lasting love. Thanks to John and Margaret for many years of covenant life!

I want to continue today on the topic of honor in the culture of a Christ-life community. I have addressed the love of God and our worship that expresses our love for Him. Beyond the value of worship, God inspires us to be empowered by a value of His will. His will has to do with the purpose of His name and our purpose with Him as a testimony of His name.

Exodus 20:7 “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain…”

What does it mean to not take the Lord’s name in vain? When we know who He is, we know that He gives us salvation and He gives us the freedom of Life. We know that He is the first and He is the best. We cannot help but love Him, when we experience the truth of His love to us! Worshipping Him inspires us to know who we are because of Him. When we know who we are, we live as an expression of Him. All that we are is a testimony of Him. What we say, how we act, what we do – these are all expressions of Him. Jesus instructed us to seek a face-to-face intimacy with God as our Father in heaven.

Matthew 6:9-10  In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name (Holy is Your Name). Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Where is heaven? Heaven is inside of our hearts. The kingdom of heaven is within us. It comes through our hearts.

Luke 17:20-21 Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.”

When we pray to ‘Our Father in heaven’; and for His kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, we are calling His testimony from within us. There is no such thing as God’s world and our world. It is all His world. Jesus came to reestablish His name so we will no longer take it in vain. His kingdom is a testimony of His character, nature, way, power, and authority manifest in all that we are and do. When we speak bad of ourselves or others we are speaking bad of Him. When I speak bad of myself, I speak bad of you; and when I speak bad of you, I speak bad of me. I don’t have my kingdom and you yours. It is our kingdom and our kingdom is His kingdom. He doesn’t want to tell us what to do or how to act. He doesn’t want to train us like parrots to simply say what He wants us to say or do what He tells us to do. He wants us to be like Him, because we are of Him. He is our Father and we are His children! His name is our family name! He wants us to know that we are His praise! We are the excellence of His name in all that we are and do. Praising God is not using the words, as we often say, ‘Praise God’. True praise is becoming the excellence of us for His glory. We are not just the worship of God; we are His purpose in the earth. We are His word. We are His name. We are His inheritance. We must not take it in vain. We must not forget who we are. We must never do something out of the character of God and blame Him. He is a covenant keeper so we must never break covenant and then tell people He told us to do it. We cannot do something that is not true to His character and then blame a voice that motivates our attitude or actions to exhibit something contrary to the way He is as something inspired by God.

When believers do something that is not true to God’s character they will often hear a voice and be convinced that it is God, but expressions of God are true to the character of who God is. We cannot ask illegitimate questions and expect to get legitimate answers. If we ask God a question that is not true to the character of who He is, we will hear an illegitimate answer. Illegitimate questions sound like: God, do you want me to be unfaithful? God, do you want me to let a hater of the brothers into my house? God, do you want me to break covenant? Sometimes the questions are cloaked in a more deceptive way, but these kind of questions are not questions that can be asked. They are not questions to ask, because they are not questions God will answer.  When we ask these kind of questions we will hear a voice, we will believe that we are justified, we will believe we are right and they are wrong, we will believe that we deserve a break from our commitments and connections in some way. The thought process in the answers we position ourselves to hear sounds like: They’re not meeting my needs anyway.

What is God doing? These kind of questions present the truth that we are willing to take God’s name in vain.

If we are willing to do something that is not true to the character of God we must be willing to compromise, because we have asked an illegitimate question. If we ask God something that He has already forbidden in his word it is an illegitimate question and we will receive an illegitimate answer. When we know who God is and when we know who we are, we will act according to the greatness of our family name!


Ted J. Hanson

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Worship God From a Place of Abundance


Today I am in Spain. I will be teaching this week on New Covenant Realities. We had a great start today with hungry hearts and a loving Father who wants to visit us with His presence and impart His life to us in amazing ways. This is always a delightful and challenging week for the students here at G42. I know that we will have some more ambush times with God and some transformational revelations of His goodness and love.

I have been writing on a culture of honor and today I want to finish on the topic of worship in the culture of honor to God. As I have stated, God does not need us to worship Him. When we sing songs to Him in a service He doesn’t need for us to worship Him. We need to worship Him. We need to recognize who we are. We are an expression of Him. So we give the expression of who we are as a testimony of love to Him. When we do this it changes our world, because He is able to be Himself with us and the blessings of heaven begin to fill our lives. We are not limited by the inherited iniquities of our fathers because God is able to come into our midst and He is a jealous God. He wants to give to us the life-giving, life-transforming substance of who He is. When we recognize that He is the giver we say to Him, “Here we are. We live for you! We worship You! We like being ourselves. We have a great life. Look at what You have done! You created us in your likeness and image. We sing songs to you! We live out loud as an expression of the life of You. We don’t worship to get anything from You!” When we love God like this in spirit and truth, God in His jealousy says, “Wow! I love being Myself with you. I like it when I can be Myself! I love being able to walk into the room and not be resisted in My giving. I love environments where the things coming off of Me are not being thrown back at Me. I love being able to walk into a room and my gifts are not being rejected. I love walking into the room where cheeks are not turning to avoid My kisses. I love walking into My family where their arms are open to receive my hugs and when I hug them the aroma of My perfume sticks on you. The marks of My kisses remain upon you. The gifts that I give become packages to be opened in your midst and heavenly things become discovered in your earthly territory. That is what happens in this worship environment upon the earth. I am not lacking! I don’t lack anything. I am not formless void and dark. I have no emptiness in Me. You cannot give me anything that fills some place in My life. There is nothing missing in Me. You cannot give Me anything that will fill something missing in Me. There is nothing missing in Me! Would you get a revelation? There is nothing missing in you! I like you! Would you look with the eyes that I see and freely give of yourself from security, not from insecurity? Worship is about security. It is not about a need. It is a matter of abundance. You lack nothing!”

In worship our hearts become open to God. The atmosphere of our hearts and minds confess that we don’t lack approval. We do not lack identity. Here we are! We have been carved in the likeness and image of God. “We worship You God! We give all we are to You! We feel good about ourselves but we feel better about You! You make us feel so good! You move our hearts!”

Worship is not coming to God from a place of lack, it is coming to God from abundance and God coming to us in the abundance of who He is. What happens when a family becomes a family of abundance and begins to live in a value of who they are for the sake of who He is?  We are a family that should value who we are and realize we don’t come to God because we need anything from Him. We are not in this family because we need anything. We are in this family because we have been born into this community and we have come to give of who we are in the testimony of who we all are for the glory of God!

When this happens, God the Father says, “Wow! Yes! Let me walk among you. Let Me be the giver, the jealous One, the One who has treasures, rivers, and light streaming from Me. Let me walk in your midst and let me take what you think is good and make it amazing! Let me take what you think is wonderful and make it phenomenal!

When we worship things and think that created things give us identity or a sense of value in some way, when bring a spirit of lack into our gatherings. We begin to look at what is not happening. We begin to look at how our needs are not being met and in doing so we redefine who we are. It doesn’t start with us thinking it is about us. It starts with us measuring others by what doesn’t match our own likeness and image. We then begin to think that we have come together to get what is missing in our lives fulfilled. This is the atmosphere of disappointment and offense. When our brother or our sister doesn’t look at us today and we think, “if they really knew who I am they would have looked at me”. The truth is, if we knew who we are it wouldn’t matter if they looked at us or not, because we would have come to look at them. God understands this. He knows who He is and He knows that worship is not about what we get. It is about what we give. God wants us to enter into the life-transforming reality of a culture of true worship.

Another word for worship is love. Didn’t God love us first? We need to get a revelation of God’s love. He really loves us! Did He love us? Did He love us before we did anything right? What about when we did everything wrong, did He still love us? Did He say, “don’t you dare ever come into My house when there are things wrong in your life?” No He said, “come – you are My house! Don’t worry, if there are any shameful things in your life they will all fall away when I walk into the room. Everything changes when I walk into your midst!

In the midst of worshipping God our world is redefined. A culture of honor is a culture of worship, but worship is never based upon need. We do not worship God because He needs us to worship Him. We do not worship God because we need anything from Him. We worship God because we know that who we are an expression of Him. When we do this He amazes us, because our good world becomes a phenomenal one and we become even better expressions of Him!

We do not understand worship because we were busy carving things in the likeness and image of our lack ­– our insecurities. What will happen when the members of God’s family are no longer insecure?  My grandchildren are secure and worship happens in our house in a sense when my grandchildren express their worship to God in their worship of me. Don’t hear this wrong. We do not worship human beings, but there is an expression of our love and worship for God when we have a right attitude in our love for one another. I give gifts to my grandchildren, but they do not love the gifts that I give more than they love me. My grandson was outside one day and I called on Face Time on the phone while away on a trip. He could see me, although I was thousands of miles away. When I went to say goodbye he was some ways away and my wife asked him if he wanted to say goodbye to his grandpa; he ran across the yard, grabbed the phone and hugged it. He didn’t get anything from the phone. He didn’t come to get anything; he came to give me a hug. He didn’t hug me because he was feeling bad about himself. He didn’t do it to get his needs met. It was like worship. His act of love was a confession to say, “I know who you are grandpa.” I was on the phone a few days earlier He said, Opa, I want you home. Sometimes he calls me on the phone and takes the phone in his bedroom and we play with his trucks. He is not getting anything from me. He just has an image of me. He is not getting anything from me. He is sharing his trucks with me. He is sharing his imagination with me. He is giving himself to me and it makes him come alive when he does. When I make truck noises on the phone it makes his imagination go wild. He loves our conversations, even on the phone. Although we are not together my face and my voice make him come alive. I will say, “does that fire ladder rescue cats? Yes, it rescues cats, Opa.” That is relationship! Worship is a culture of honor. So God made it look like a commandment but it’s not a commandment. it is part of our identity. We love Him, so we worship Him!



Ted J. Hanson

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