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We have had a snow filled weekend here in Bellingham. It was a good weekend for quit air and simple connections. Yesterday Bonnie and I tuned in to the Alife online broadcast, ordered a good take home dinner, and spent the day watching the snow fall. On the Alife online message, Pastor Jonathan shared a prophetic dream he received last week that was very relevant to what God is doing in this season. God is empowering us to be the people of God who exercise a justice of God that heals the nations and frees the generations from the limiting strongholds of the past.

In last Wednesday’s leader’s blog I presented a prophecy I received in the past couple of weeks. I want to address some of that today in this blog. The Spirit of the Lord says: In this season that you have been in, there’s has been a cry for justice.  But My justice supersedes the justice of men and I’m bringing you into a place of great grace, says God. Great grace, where you will hear a voice behind you.

The year of 2020 was a year where there was a great cry for Justice among the people of the earth. That Justice is perverted by the ways of men, but the cry for justice is not unnoticed by the Giver of true justice. I believe that the year 2021 is entering a season of God’s justice – a justice of mercy and grace. It is a fresh season of answered prayers. It is a fresh season of God’s purposed love proving to be stronger than the self-seeking ways of men.

We are in a season of GREAT GRACE. A season of MOTIVATION that comes by God’s PRESENCE. It is a time to SEE Jesus like never before. It is a season to see Jesus as our treasure – the Desire of the nations. This is a time for Jesus to rise up among the nations – to rise up among the people. It is a time to see Jesus standing in each of our lives!

This is a day for My voice to be behind you, says God. And you will know the way, for I will make the way before you. For I am the voice of life that motivates you to move into the true justice hallways of destiny, says God.

God wants us to hear His voice as a voice behind us. He wants us to be motivated by His presence and His love to move forward in the testimony of His great grace. The grace of God is going to transform what cannot be transformed by the will or ways of men.

I’ve heard the cry of the nations! They’ve cried out for justice and now you shall see it. But don’t be distracted by the judgments of men. Let the judgments of My love Prevail. For My word is true. It’s gone forth! It’s germinated! And it will not fail, says the Spirit of the Lord.

God wants to give us His life and to make us people of life in our world. God is a life giver and He wants to empower us to be life givers in our character, nature, way, power, and authority. The past is a shadow of the present, but the present is a time like never before. The past is an anchor of foundation, the future calls to us for things never seen, heard or thought before, but the present is the key to the door of destiny. The prophet Isaiah prophetically appealed to the children of Israel that they should return to the Lord and that He would be able to give them life.

Isaiah 30:15 For thus says the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel: “In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” But you would not…

In the day of the prophet Isaiah, the children of Israel were of hard heart and they would not return to the Lord. They would not, and could not, rest in the Lord. They had compromised in their worship of God by exchanging the way of God for the way of the world in their worship and works of life. The Old Covenant administration of their hearts and minds could not empower them to be freed from the strongholds of their thinking. God was prophetically declaring to them and through their example a way unto life. They could not return to the Lord. They could not rest in the Lord. But what if they would have returned to the Lord? What if they would have rested in the Lord? We are living with a New Covenant administration of life and peace in Christ. As the words of the prophet Isaiah proclaimed, there is salvation in returning to the Lord. There is strength in quietness and confidence. Our returning to the Lord is not merely a returning to Christian ways or values, it is a returning to the manifest presence of God in our lives. It is finding Him as precious in our seven day per week twenty four hour per day reality. It is becoming people who are a testimony of the tent of David that know God’s manifest presence and hear His words every day and every moment of our lives in our hearts and minds. When we return to the Lord, Jesus becomes the center of our lives in all things. It is then that we also know a quietness and a confidence. That quietness is knowing that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ. No weapon formed against us will prosper. We have confidence to know that God is always working everything out for good in our lives no matter what the day or circumstance looks like in any given day of our journey. That is where we find true strength. We are constantly renewed in our confidence in the Lord. Surely it is a testimony of being renewed in the courage of the Lord, renewed in holiness of life, and renewed in faith in God. When the world rages with the opinions of the hearts and minds of men, we can find God resting in our lives to give us a quietness in our souls and a confidence in our hearts towards God.


Ted J. Hanson

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